Monday, December 28, 2009

A Hellow to StarT! ;D (JcM Backstory)

Hellow everyone!

This is JcM, from! This will be my personal bLog. I was using myspace as my main blog, but i'm sLowly migrating to the latest, and seemingly more cLean website such as this one, and Twitter.

My main website is

You can find my pictures and art at:

You can find my video site at:

I am an artist in it's purest form. There's nothing that seems to make me happier then art, thats why i am focusing my career on it as an actor.
I originally was going to school for movie making, but thanks to people's support, informing me of my talents, at a time when i was very clouded in my life, I have pursued acting.

But, I always have so much art pouring out of me, and i'm good. And to make a statement, and using the gifts of the things I grew up with in the 80's and 90's, my mission is to continue to create, story tell, and be on field to bring home pictures from events that i love.

Originally i wanted to be an artist for Disney. I realized, after seeing how fast artist for Disney draw when they work on the movies, my abilities were limited in how fast i was able to draw. Still continuing though (because i knew i wanted to get into a field similar to) I contiuing by taking Photoshop classes in school. Thanks to a good friend, who suggested a movie editing cLass as "an easy credit" in high school, I saw that i can take my already natural skills at acting, combined with the skills I learned in photoshop, to make it into all one piece of beauty. Hence, ultimately "JcM VIDEO Blast".

I will be porting over some recent blogs from my myspace, as of today, I just wrote a few really good ones! Hehe.

Well, I believe in what i do, and hopefully you will too. But ultimately, I hope what i do brings some clarity and joy to your world. As i know, from going through a lot of abuse growing up, how important fighting for your freedom, and clarity really is.

Love to all! And hope everyone had a good holiday! ;D

- JcM