Sunday, March 29, 2015

Words < Actions < Intensions

Actions may speak louder then words, but INTENTIONS are the Ultimate identity. 

- Joey JcM

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Respecting People vs. Pleasing People..

Respecting people, and pleasing people are two different things...

When you respect people, you're treating people right, but what you're doing is simply just letting them live out their lives...

When you try to please everybody, this is someone that is trying to sell a nice person to somebody, so if this person winds up getting caught (with their true intentions), the surrounding people might say "Oh, I don't think so! He (or she) was such a nice guy!".

Watch out for people who try to please everybody. Dont' accept their offers, because they have no loyalty. You can't have loyalty when you're trying to be a salesmen to every single person... (or more then a single person should clearly be able to handle...). There's no time for care.. if you're trying to please an over abundance of people... what are you worth to somebody if you have to be a million places at once?

Meaning something to one person means more then having a thousand people around you, that you mean nothing to....

- Joey JcM