Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Potential of Imagination

Our imaginations help us to understand what we don't know. Even though we don't know something, we always have something innate within us, ad our imaginations give you a little preview of what might be, and to help the time go by more easier for what we don't know or understand yet.

But the imagination is the gateway to SOooo many things. New descoveries, which can help us heal, live better. A scientist brain, if granted the right to imagine, can help create a car, that if in a potential accident, might have technology from the driver getting killed. Something like that can help save someone you love.
An artist's mind, if granted the right to imagine, can help give us art that inspires us. Art to give us a wonderful and memorable experience with a loved one.

Selfishness/being a cry baby are detrimental to our imaginations. If your selfish, it is going to keep you away from what you fear, and what you fear, might turn out to be nothing. So a selfish person will try to take away someones freedoms, and imagination, because as I stated before, imagination can help us understand and give us a preview to the answers that we not might know yet, and make the time while we wait to find the answer more pleasant.

I live with someone who makes me feel like I can't let my imagination be free. The very thing that has made me successful, and gotten me to where I am. I am doing everything I can to win this battle, as it has prevented me from giving those wonderful experiences that can come from imagination, to my loved ones.

You must fight for freedom to live and love, because everyones deserves that right as a living human being. Love is what made you, love is what will keep us going.

- Joey JcM experience

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Help Them Obi-Wan Kenobi!

The person you look up to, your Obi-Wan Kenobi, doesn't always have to be a family member. Remember, Luke wasn't blood related to Obi-Wan.

The problem is, for some kids, there seems to be nothing around but a Darth Vader in their life. Or even if they're not, desperate enough, they will believe whatever a Darth Vader tells them.

Help them Obi-Wan Kenobi. Your they're only hope.

- Joey JcM

Monday, September 27, 2010

Incorruptible, and Why

A generation of a large amount of parents who did not pay attention to their kids, plus having the internet rising along side with them, makes for a very lonely, detached, unsociable group of people, who can't handle very much. This is the reason why we say "Things meant so much more in the past, via 80's 90's" It's not just because we were kids. But I believe in my generation, and the potential I saw in people growing up. Thats why I don't wein in my jollyness. I will not let those types of parents try to control me. Along side of the tragedy, we were also blessed with many things in those two decades. Why am I going to pretend like I don't remember them. I'm gunna use that greatness, and give it back to the world 10x! Thats simply why, I do what I do.

- JcM

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Worst Crime You Can Commit.

Look, I know you have had a lot of things happen to you, but you can't try to destroy love. Love is what made you, and love is what is going to keep you alive. So just, love. Idiot.

And whatever is NOT allowing you to love, bring it to justice, and HARD! Even though impossible, trying to destroy love is THEE worst crime anyone can commit. And i'm not talking about getting cheated on, I mean not loving the person you really do, because your AFFRAID of getting cheated on. Love, and if they don't deserve it, atleast you'll have clossure. You do NOT want to live your life with an unclosed chapter.... take it from me......

- Joey JcM

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Even Food In the Fridge Eventuall Goes Bad If Left Too Long

Negativity simply comes from positive energy being held in, and eventually turning sour.

Face your demonds, and ANYTHING that stands in your way of being happy. Freedom is our right as human beings. Our for-fathers didn't fight for it for nothing. If you carry this out, you will allow your self to have NO regrets.

- Joey JcM

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Sage Deserves.

The brightest sage, can become the most angry sage, if not allowed to shine. Break down the walls that block your freedom to love, sage. Because if you even have the desire to love, you deserve it.

- Joey JcM

The Battle Continues

I feel like a victory has been won.

I have stould up to certain things within the last year, and i'm seeing a lot of smiles, and thats what I have fought for. I'm seeing a lot of people and different groups coming together. Thats what I have fought for.

Thats what I stand for. That was not just my old life, but by now i've realized that life that I was meant to make. Until so many, and possibly my own mistakes had destroyed a lot of that togetherness and happyness. Even my own family members attempting to take my freedom to be happy away. You wanna bring the fight to my door step, your going to get one.

A lot of great things are happening. But things are STILL not perfect, and it is still a scary time for me. My life can change with one phone call. But I must keep believing as I always have had, and continue to do what, I guess god? is telling me to do. I like to say "The Force" hehe. But whatever it is inside of me.

Once I started standing up to the tereny, since then, I have been a lead role in a independant film. I have now made it into the screen actors guild. I have brought a bunch of my friends together, and have defeated anyone who tried to take the smiles away. Anyone who was trying to invertedy, or inadvertently tried to tell people how to live their lives. This is the life of me. I will continue to create freedom and love, and memories. It's what I love to do, but most of all, I just simply love to see people together, smiling.

For a while, my enemies probably thought they had won. I was infact defeated for while, as I was being hit from all angles, even parentals. But my momentum is fueled with love and laughter, and you cannot stop someone who is loyal to that. You might be able to surpress them for a while, but if you stand for trying to destroy happyness, you can only last so long. Freedom and happyness will always outlast, and always prevail. Because freedom and happyness are something worth living for, misery is phony, false, shrude, and cold, and eventually just crushes under it's own weight. Love is warm, and it brings life. Even misery has to agree, because without love, there would be no life, and misery would not have any company.

Never stop believing, and never forget the power you have received from the people who have cherished you all your life. If you can say that you not have had this, maybe think of saying hello, or giving someone a hug. Then you will be on your first step to being something WORTH cherishing.
Hopefully you are lucky enough to have that love around. In some instances I am lucky, and in some, I sure am not. But the best way you can show that person who loved you the great gift they have given you, give them the gift back by expressing how you feel from what they have given you, by knowing that the thing that they have given you is something you couldn't see, but was SO SO real....

The fight is not over, but it's DEF one worth fighting.

Fuk yea Bytches
- Joey JcM

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fear Can Even Make Loved Ones Enemies

Some people when they have problems in their life, they choose to ignore them. Mostly it is because of fear, and the result of this can cause someone to start to believe the thing they are afraid of. The fear can have you living for either the person, that you hate, or thing.

Dig deep, because the bottom line is, there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HAPPYNESS! ANYTHING that is taking away your freedom to smile HAS to be faced. stood up to. Taken care of, IMMEDIATELY. So really ask yourself, what stops you from being happy. And face that asap. If you had a buisness, would you take your trucks not aloud to bring your product in lightly?

All the answers will be A LOT clearer once your free to live. Free to celebrate. Free to love.

When it comes to facing your fears, a lot of things can get misinterpreted. If you try to help someone face their fears, YOU can easily be turned into a bad guy. When people are THAT scared, they will go to ANY measures to prevent themselves from facing the fear. Even making someone they care about an enemy. - Thats why girls shyt on guys that care about them so much.

Fighting for your life allows you to be alive. Doing the opposite disconnects you from life, and you'll never know who you are, or have the life you want. Your going to let someone take your WHOLE life away. I DON'T THINK SOoooooooooooooo! HA, why would you let someone ruin your life? LIFE IS THE GREATEST THING WE WILL EVER KNOW (for now, lol), so YOU DEFEND YOURS!

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Only Tell If They Ask

Tell people to make they're life better. But don't tell them how to unless they ask.

If they don't ask, they're not worth telling.

Why: They'll make you think like they're listening, so only tell them when they come to you telling you they want to listen.

The Simple Science of life.

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Enemys Enjoy Your Time Now, Because Like the Universe, the Force Just Keeps Going

I'm at the point now, where it's do awesome things, or DIE!

I feel like I always matured faster then my peers. I think it's possibly because of the hardships I've faced when I was a child. So when I'm here, they're all the way back there. And then when they age alittle more, I see that they're going through what I went through ATLEAST 3 years before.

Either way, all my "friends" like to put me down. From the Bullshyt they tell me, I feel like they don't understand the concept of - a good team is made up of unique individuals, each contributing to their different talents. Working together, they form one machine that has multiple talents.

My passion is just to produce all of the ideas I have in my head. They're fun, memorable, and I feel that they are actually worth something. Everyone should feel like what they have in side is worth something, but most just conform and then go complain on facebook, like it's everyone else's fault.

"In your darkest hour, you will always be able to find light. The light inside. And the only person that can exstinguish THAT.... is you"
- Joey JcM

You must understand, that the difference in the people that "make it", and the ones that don't is simple: its the ones that choose to do vs. the ones that just DON't. The ones that "DO", make it, and the ones that don't, are mad at themselves, but then try to go spread misery on facebook, in a real cowardly way. They try to bring everyone down to their level, and try to make the majority kick their own a$$es so they don't look alone in doing so.

I've had people tell me "You direct edit and produce, and it's not fair". Or atleast that what I heard through the grape vine. These people would never say things to my face. OBviously, not a quility of a good friend, but I was just so passionate about making videos, and they were too. The details in costume desgins that they did for themselves and such. Such a shame that great thing have to be spoiled by GREAT immaturity. They must see something in immaturity and misery that I don't I guess.... Well, I guess it's because it's not comfortible to live with something on your face all of the time. A blind fold.
The thing is, I went to SCHOOL for movie making! If they had ideas, I would try to implement them in the right way, all with completely good intentions. Why the hell would I want to be an A$$whole and mess up MY PASSION? Oyy.... Not ripping apart what they wanted to do, but simply I would suggest things like this - "Why don't we make a preview episode, get people excited, while we're working on the other ones! "It's soo good, lets try to get something out now! 8D" They were so blinded though, that me saying this was perceived as "I'm not doing what they want to do, and I want all the attention". I guess they would just throw something out there, and not really care what people think, and even care if people they were going to be entertaining were going to like it or not. I USED to be like that when I was REALLY young, then I went to school and learned how to do it the right way.

Then I have another "friend" who has helped me out a lot too, but constantly tries talks about heroes, but he speaks like an anti hero. The thing is, he tries to say that these "heroes" would agree with what he's saying. Maybe he has a distorted view, and he really worships bad guys, but for some reason can't tell the difference? lol He'll preach the Metal Gear 4 quote "Do not try to change the word, but except it for what it is" but then he goes around telling people they're a$$wholes for not playing certain video games. If you like something that he doesn't, he'll ruin your day by sending you all these "facts" from who knows where. If you don't agree or believe in these facts, he has even MORE negative things to say about you.
It's basically like - a kid believing in Santa Clause, and then him sending the kid all these photos of the north pole or ANYTHING to try to convince the child that Santa Clause is not there, attempting to ruin the kids beliefs AT ANY COST! Terrible... Fukking Abysmoly terrible. Inhumanly terrible... sheesh.

I would love to feature other people in my videos, because I believe they might fit the look of a character and actually WOUld do a good job if they applied themselves. But then simply I don't want them there. They would most likly not cooperate, because if they're given a lead, they let it go to their head, and think it's an opportunity to be in control, rather then doing their job. Thats something i've learned from experience with these certain people. We should be making entertainment like only we would be able to do. If you wanted to apply for a public service announcement video and preach, you applied for the wrong job.

I mean when I did a lot of my videos, people were very passionate and helpful, but at the same time, I always felt like I had to watch my back. Even though it was awesome to see everyone dressed up, the process wasn't necessarily fun.
I have all these ideas in my head, but I have to feel like if I share them,people are going to be too busy PREACHINg to care. What do you want to record? Two people making fun of eachother for 10 minutes... go a head. Then who are you going to act nice to, in order to try to get my help? In the words of STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN "EHHH EHH!!!" (as in no, lolol)

In the end, I had to get rid of a lot of people. It wasn't worth it to sell my soul to make a video, because thats not the right way to do it, because You really won't be doing YOUR project, it will be THEIRs, for them to ruin at will. And have to edited a video feeling like a slave, not even making want to touch the mouse. Besides, why would I want to edit a video of people who I feel at any moment are going to stab me in the back?

Alls I wish for is a group of people like Mega 64. They constantly make videos. Each member of the group knows their role, there for, they can execute what each person does to the fullest. They're all about their cause, not about who gets the most screen time. I envy them... I feel a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away that I had this. When I was little, we had a group of friends who understood eachother in this way. We all knew our roles, but did what WE can do to the fullest, and just did awesome things. Person problems in my life lead us to not be able to get together as much later on. It's funny, how those people weren't into drugs when we were all together, and then it all came crashing down. Then they started preaching as well.

When I was around, I brought everyone together. I am full of love and heart, it's not that surprising. And I'm not afraid to say that in the way I do, because I say it as a challenge! For other people to step up, and be all that they can be!

Now a days, I feel like everyones just wasting away, and wasting their time preaching all this god dam BULLSHYT. Or being slaves to people who want to do nothing but preach. Everyone is giving up on their dreams. I don't wanna hear "thats growing up". When were all able to get together all the time, we did great things. And then what happened happened. That was long ago, and now the same thing is happening now. It's not the age, or when, it's the situation. Personal problems in my life prevent me from gathering the people I need to to create something great, Something to remember, and Something to have them say "Wow, we did something. Something that left a mark on their hearts and souls. Bot some BS they're forget nest week."

Things are crumbling around me (as far as personal projects), while my real career is progessing though. So I can't really complain, but my editing computer is DONE (thanks to Windows Vista). And I have SOoo many projects that I was working on, and so many ideas to execute! But I am at a dead halt.... My fellow Jedi who fell, and turned sith probably LOVE this. They're probably saying the "DEMOND JOE MUNAFO IS DEFEATED" Well, to those fellow idiots, enjoy your time. Because when I DO return, your going to want to "friend request" me again, but won't because you'll know now that YOU look stupid, if you havn't already noticed.

The people I was dealing with fell, because they listened to immature people, and they chose controversy over creating something good for others. Not my group of people anyway, but I just feel really sorry for them. Some were so funny, some had that passion in their eyes. So much potential, but I guess for some, the brain just stops progressing. To waste that talent is a sin, but I guess some people put on "the costume" just for the attention. And since they couldn't be leader, they chose to create controversy to keep the attention flow coming.

All this is fine, but I just pray for a situation of people who are open minded, and who are always down to film in any situation. I believe my friends have this, but I cannot say i'm completely confident, and that is not a good thing, as it is leading down the same uncomfortable road that I've delt with before. Alls I ask from them is too believe. Thats all they need. But I don't believe they have this ability anymore, or are bleeding it... and fast =/

But I will rebuild no matter what. And I will continue to make videos, art, music, even if I have to do each part by myself.

If you have read all of this, your time is greatly appreciated. Pray for me, Everything I do, I do for you.

- Joey JcM