Friday, September 4, 2015

Complaining with a Cause

Why would somebody, who's house had burnt down, be complaining that their house has burnt down, while sitting in a new house that they got for free?

That's the question... whats the answer..?

- Because they are not thankful. In their eyes, complaining gets you free shyt.

- Joey JcM

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The #1 Drug

Anger is the #1 drug that is used by humans to hide from the truth. Boos and pills are big ones too, but anger and fear is the most easily accessible and used drug.

- JcM 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

True Love?

If you're someone who denies that true love exists, for the fact that you can deny it is good, cause that should let you know that you haven't discovered it yet, therefore, keep looking.

- Joey JcM

(I've experienced true love recently, it's unlike any other relationship you have had or will have. My situation is unfortunate, but the main point is, don't settle.. It is out there, and if you don't believe it, thats your indicator to keep looking. If you do find you're true love, make sure, no matter who it is, you get anything toxic out of the way, and let it THRIVE. Both parties have to be willing to do this though.... Cause if it is true love, no one or nothing is worth getting in the way. If you question that, just think of your future. You should only have a child if the true love is THRIVING. If not thriving..... you're future could be doomed.)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Your Future is Made Up of...

What is now, IS your future, until it gets fixed.

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yourself & Respect - One Can't Exist Without the Other

Only Trash will make people believe that they have to deal with trash.

There are two basic things that we do as humans - the right to be ourselves, but also have respect.

We can't have one without the other, so if you don't have respect, you don't have the right to be yourself, and if you have respect but are not yourself, you open the door for trash to use you as a bridge to get to innocent people.

For example:
1. If you like to sing loud you have the right to be that person.... but if you choose to go into an old folks home and sing loud and disrupt these old people that want peace, you don't have a right to be yourself. No respect.

2. If you have respect though, you do have the right to search for a place that you can dwell where you can sing out loud. An environment that was made for that. If you are innocent and your goal is respect, then don't let anyone let you think you don't have a right to find that place. People will try to create scenarios to stop you from reaching that goal. Those people are trash. 

You can't have one without the other. 
Yourself ~ Respect

One can't exist without the other.
- Joey JcM

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Words < Actions < Intensions

Actions may speak louder then words, but INTENTIONS are the Ultimate identity. 

- Joey JcM

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Respecting People vs. Pleasing People..

Respecting people, and pleasing people are two different things...

When you respect people, you're treating people right, but what you're doing is simply just letting them live out their lives...

When you try to please everybody, this is someone that is trying to sell a nice person to somebody, so if this person winds up getting caught (with their true intentions), the surrounding people might say "Oh, I don't think so! He (or she) was such a nice guy!".

Watch out for people who try to please everybody. Dont' accept their offers, because they have no loyalty. You can't have loyalty when you're trying to be a salesmen to every single person... (or more then a single person should clearly be able to handle...). There's no time for care.. if you're trying to please an over abundance of people... what are you worth to somebody if you have to be a million places at once?

Meaning something to one person means more then having a thousand people around you, that you mean nothing to....

- Joey JcM

Thursday, January 15, 2015

You Only Get What...

Nothing comes to you..

You only get what you put around you...

- Joey JcM

Thursday, January 8, 2015

War is a Result Of..

Life and War do NOT go hand and hand..

War only comes from people who simply are uneducated on how to water a flower.

- Joey JcM

How People Need to Work to "Grow Crops"..

The biggest problem a people could have, is not being able to admit who, of their kind, is a piece of shyt.

Criminal, druggy, etc.
And if a people do not know how these things are bad, they don't belong in our home.
If flowers or plants don't get sunshine and water, they die. Plain and simple. And if plants and crops die, we don't get oxygen and food. Plain and simple.

Because, you don't destroy someone else's home, and then think you deserve to live in your own.

In other words, every people has to take responsibility for their own. If not, you are inadvertently evil, because you are helping by opening the door for evil by not identifying evil.

No one else is responsible for what happens to your own, except you. 

- JcM