Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Human" Virus

UN-Happyness is a disease, and there is a cure for it. Don't let the viruses of the world tell you different, cause remember what a virus is..... something that doesn't care about you or your body, it just needs to feed off of you to live. It does not care if you live or die.

There are "human" viruses out there. How to detect:
HINT: If they're constantly causes you grief. If they are embarrassing you in front of your other friends CONSTANTLY. Understand, after a talk or two, if this keeps happening, than they are trying to make you look bad and ruin your face. Give them the VIRUS STAMP!! ... but seriously, it's not a joke, get rid of them. You will feel a lot more healthy and happy ;)

- Joey F'N JcM

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When Love Occurs.

Females attract because they need to attract a seed. Males look for a being worthy of careying their seed. Love occurs when the two beings see equal quality in one another.

- JcM