Monday, March 29, 2010

2 Views of Life. Which One is Healthier?

You can either look at life 2 ways:

1. I'm younger today then I will be tomorrow.

2. I'm SOoo much older then I was yesterday.


- JcM

Love Your Child for What They Are

We must love out children for who and what they are.

If you try to force your child to be something he/she is not, you'll be forcing them to spend years of their life not even being alive.

If you choose to neglect what your child is made of, they will most likely never forgive you. Why? Because if you hurt your child, they probably won't know you. Parents that care, ask questions; They take the time to discover their child. Parents that don't, just bark orders, and expect their children to obey, like a dog.
Human beings are not dogs.

A child that maybe capable of great things, could have no motivation to do so, and qite possibly never achieve their potential, because they might feel that they have no one that cares. Everyone needs to have a someone. A reason.

I believe a child can't turn out bad, if they feel safe in their own skin by their parents. I feel if that is the case, they would have all the love and respect they would need, and have no desire to want to hurt someone else, because they wouldn't feel angry, and unloved.
And if you give you child these things, and they still turn out bad, they might simply have a problem, that sometimes can't be helped.

But even so, i've seen a lot of parents that aren't happy with their lives, and then when they have kids, they see themselves through their children's eyes. They see the child that they were, that wasn't able to stand up for what they believed in, and in turn, they think the child should suffer. The parent not realizing that they're setting themselves up to suffer once more, once the child gets older.

I've seen TOO many parents have a STRANGLE hold of ABUSE on their children, and it's sickening. And it's something I will ALWAYS stand up against.
Why? Because if I don't, thats one more parent who thinks they can take advantage, and obscure the love of a child. And there's not many sins bigger then that.

Parents picking on innocent little 5 year old's? ABSOLUTELY not. How much more of a coward can you be.

- JcM

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Difference Between the Fans, and the Warriors

Sometimes you might find yourself in a position where, you have a bunch of people around you who like the same thing.
You try to take those people and bring them along the journey, but later find out that they are not equipped for battle.

Some, you might find yourself babysitting more then actually working with and along side of.
Some might screw you over because they are jealous and don't want you to surpass them, and try to only allow to go far enough to be whats needed to make them look good.

The moral of the story though, you gotta realize the fans, from the warriors, or else you'll just find yourself in constant limbo.
How do you do this? Well... you can tell by simply seeing if something doesn't feel right, or your simply not having a blast doing it, which should NEVER be the case. Life is about BREAKING BARRIERS, not about being chained down and holding your breathe.
And most of all you should never feel you have to hold back for them.

True friends WANT you to succeed, so then they can try to surpass you! And so on and so on ;P hehe

I've encountered many groups of people were each person is only looking their own one way. At the first sign that your not needed anymore, they erase all memory of you, no matter WHAT you've experienced together.
I can only blame myself, I was eager, and very determined

But now i'm stronger, wiser and sharper. I become more so everyday. With every experience. I know not to try to turn apples into flying horses... lol. Like i said, I can only blame myself for being so naive.

But I guess you live and learn, to pass storys like this along, so the next wave are smarter and stronger.

- Joey JcM