Saturday, December 27, 2014

No Constant Highs

A quality life is not about finding as many "constant highs" as you can. It is simply about respect ~ being able to say what you need to say, and putting yourself in a place where your soul is able to flow.

- Joey JcM

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Entitlement = Cancer

The greatest thing you could ever teach America is that you are not entitled to anything. Everything you have has to come from something YOU built...

Entitlement leads to you waiting for things that someone lied to you that are going to come, therefore you've wasted all that time when you could have been building.

- Joey JcM

Monday, September 15, 2014

When You're Different

When you are not what the world is, you are meant to show the world something.

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Parents Need to be Opposed If Necessary, or You Might Forever Live in Chains

One of the biggest problems in the world, are that kids are made to believe that their parents are wrong is the same thing as "disrespecting" them. Nothing can be more far from the truth.

Parents a lot of times don't know the knew world as well as their children do, so if a parent doesn't know how to open their ears along with being able to teach their kids, the results can be disastrous.

These parents train their children to never oppose them, along with never telling them they are wrong. I see this problem far too often with children and PEOPLE in general; Old and young.

A smart child will realize, that if a parent doesn't have the ability to hear that they are wrong, the child must realize that the parent is the child, or possibly forever be imprisoned in a mental dark room, following the rule of the parents who don't know how to listen when they are wrong, therefore most of the time never being right.

It's possible for parents to step outside the realm of humanity, and you have to be willing to give them a wake up call, or possibly forever live your life in chains.
And if they still don't want to wake up, it's just simply time to realize that they are not your parents more, and have embodied another form, even though they have the same face.
A car can have the same outside, but you can change the engine inside and never know..

- Joey JcM 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


You should want everyone to be different. Other wise you might not have that person who can do open heart surgery, and save your life, to the person that makes your favorite movies that entertain you, and brighten your day.

- Joey JcM

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Hopefully, one day, we will look back on war, as an act of an infant race, who were fighting over toys and territory, just like infants would....

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Two Choices

You have two choices in life.

Go after happyness,


Hang around people that require you to diminish your soul, and change diapers for the rest of your life.

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happyness Misconception

I think some people are afraid to be happy because they fear that it will make them weak.
But let me tell you, there is no more empowering feeling then fighting for a person that makes you TRULY happy.

I lost my 20 year old cousin in the past week. She was hit by a car...

Life is too short to wait for things to fix themselves, or happiness to come to you.

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Right Kind of Pain

Accepting life's pain is healthy.

Creating man made pain onto yourself is a mental issue.

- Joey JcM

Crying Inside If...

If you're not having fun, you're crying inside.

If you're having too much fun, you're crying inside.

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Do You Keep Trash?/Preying On the Innocent

Trash. Do you keep it? .... What would you think about a person who never threw out their trash? .... bugs...... horrible smell.... sickness....... rodents...... you let me know when you find a positive to keeping trash, and I will delete this post....

Also, what would you think about someone who kept a real smelly... gross bag of trash... but wrapped it up in a nice Christmas box.... with a bow and everything? 

Human trash usually likes to wrap itself in a nice looking Christmas box. Promising you that the inside looks just as nice.... but don't mind the smell though.... that must be coming from somewhere else....  

Human trash will prey on the innocent. On the people that long to feel "special". People that are desperate to believe the inside of the box looks just as good as the outside.
Human trashes only objective is to suck the life out of you.
Oh... but the person "is so nice to you" you say?

You tell me in a due amount of time if thats still the case. When you're use is done, and they try to sell YOU off as trash, and make people think the smell is coming from you! As they run away... to their next victim....

This is why you cannot support people like this. People get a couple of chances and then THATS IT. After that, there's nothing that should convince you that they still "need help". Or that you should "feel bad" for them. If you don't realize this harsh truth, it can cost you a lifetime of repercussions.

Seriously think about it.... if someone doesn't accept help after a few tries... WTF DO YOU THINK is going to help them? How much MORE?
...... the best is when these things are played off as "mistakes" .... "mistakes"...... "mistakes"....

In closing... you're whole life can be ruined... just because you FELT BAD for someone.....
Look inside yourself... realize the truths, whether how hard, and do what these people won't do. You shouldn't have to suffer because they're too much of a pussy to face themselves. They should burn, while you know that you tried in your heart a few times, and did a good thing.... but are not responsible for someone else's choices. Because if you think you're helping people like this, by being their excuse, and their cushion to keep being trash, maybe I must realize that your choice is to like trash.... just like they do....

Much love. Stay aware, stand up for yourself after giving and not getting. That's where the true treasures lies....

Love you,
- Joey JcM <3 br="">


Dedicated to Misery

No body is trapped on the darkside. People get a few chances, a few tries only. After that, everything else is a trick.
Some people may have fallen for a trap, but after a few tries, you must declare them willingly staying in the dead end world that they live in. There ARE people out there DEDICATED to misery till death. If you fail to realize this, it could take you're whole life away.
People like this need to be left alone to burn. It sounds harsh, but otherwise YOU will burn, by being tricked by them. They will make you feel bad for them, and target people who are naive enough to fall for their parlor tricks. Making you think that "they need your help.... they need your help" praying on people that desire to feel "Special"..... but meanwhile you just become the underwear they're shitting in.

I've been in the movie business. I understand how intricate smoke and mirrors can be...

- Joey JcM. 

True Friend Signs

The only true friends you can have, are people that know how to satisfy themsevles. People who know how to look inside, face their wrongs, therefore get the fear out of mind of site, so they can see clearly what they desire.

A true friend will worry about getting what they want, not stealing from you.

- JcM

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Which Sick?

I'd rather get sick doing 100% what I want to do, then get sick ... because i'm not...

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Don't Follow the Height of the Numbers

Don't follow the high of the numbers... just know that what you are already doing makes things grow. ~

- Joey JcM

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Game

So many people try to win "the game" of what other people tell them to do.

If you're not looking inside yourself, you're not playing any game... you're the pawn piece of someone else's.

- Joey JcM

Let You're Life Be Like the Making of a Sword

Let life pound you. When it does, it's only trying to form you into the person you truly can be.

Like the making of a sword... heated up.... pounded...... cooled down... heated up... pounded.... and cooled down again, only until it's the right mold - hence when people truly find themselves, and know what they want.

(Do not confuse this with accepting abuse. Let life pound you as long as you are living a life that allows you to express yourself.)

- Joey JcM

Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Niceness" Can Be Bullying

You must realize that NOT being nice to people who put on a "nice" front, is actually a form of you standing up to a bully.

People will try to force you sometimes not with force itself, but with guilt. Brute force or guilt force, both are still trying to make you, and force you to do something. 

Don't let fake people trick you into thinking that you are "being mean". 

- Joey JcM

Before Growing Up

People tend to copy and follow...... until the day they grow up.

- Joey JcM

Thursday, March 13, 2014

How You Survive Life

You survive life by accepting horrible truths. You must realize, that if someone hurts you bad enough, they are no longer for you... no longer with you.

Surviving these punches from life can be extremely difficult, but your weapon is truth. For the Truth won't prevent the pain, but truth will be your band aid. Otherwise lies are bullet that will keep the wound open.

- Joey JcM

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Stages of Hurt

When your head hurts, you might not wanna talk to the person..

When you're heart hurts, you want answers...

When your soul is effected.... That person has lost you..

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Achieving the Height of True Love

The only way you can truly love someone is if you love yourself.
And not for the tipicle reasons that everybody posts... but because if you truly love somebody, you will let them do what they have to do, and know that you will always have yourself no matter what.
Because if you don't let the person do what they gotta do, they will eventually leave you to go do it.
Better to let them do it, and have them come back, then try to keep them and have them leave you.

And the only way you can achieve this, is if you love yourself...

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Positive of Pain

People think pain is bad. But don't forget, you cannot have a child without pain.

The message is not to seek pain, but that it is unhealthy to try to completely erase it.

There's pain that we don't need, and then there's pain that comes from a result of growing.
Just like there's stress, and eustress.

To face pain and truth vs. Completely trying to ignore pain, -  is like comparing - Eating food vs. Only eating candy in your diet.

I see too many people trying to take mental drugs. Too many people that are afraid to face the truth, and rather hang around people who are toxic, but provide them that quick fix, mental buzz in attempt to CONSTANTLY keep their mind happy, and away from potential negative facts about ones self.
I mean... whats the different between that and hanging around a criminal drug dealer who has a toxic life style, but provides you pills - drugs in physical form?

Toxicity is not only something you can physically see. Some people hide their toxic world in their mind, just like someone can live a "real" life, then try to live a different life in a video game. People can live a different life in their mind then they do in real life.

Go with you're gut. Don't lie to yourself. If you wind up being wrong, the pain of being wrong will truly let you know if you were. But if you are right, the pain of being right will let you know that you truly were.

- Joey JcM

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Best Defense Againt the Issues of Love

The best defense against the hardships of love, is to make sure you always stay honest with yourself. It is your job to identify every SINGLE thing about someone that is unattractive to you, if you find yourself interested in them in that certain way.

Too many people get too excited too quick, and try to ignore the things that they don't like about someone. That is a very ignorant move, because eventually those truths will come out one way or another, in some form or fashion, maybe sooner then later.

No one is going to be the perfect person, there is no such thing. But it is very important to recognize all the negatives in someone that you are "feeling" for. "Spending your life" with someone is an extremely serious thing. No matter how you may feel about another person, if you are honest with yourself, and find that the things about them that are unattractive to you wind up being too much salt for you to truly swallow, it's probably not a good idea.

I recently had a situation where I had a girl that was everything I wanted. Everything was just in place, and I was completely satisfied. In the end though, she made it clear that she was dedicated to a certain way of life that I couldn't be a part of. So no matter how many goods there were, the negatives wound up being way passed the line.
Some people may continue down a path such as this, and this is when you get people who are truly not happy, and aren't being honest with themselves, and they need negativity, and drugs constantly, to try to constantly keep their mind off of the reality that they created for themselves.

This is why in the end the happyness is not the deciding factor for a relationship. It must be present of course to even make a consideration, but ultimately it's the amount of negatives and things you don't like, no matter how much good there is, that will help you decide whether you should stay or... ge the FUK OUT!

- Joey JcM

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Worried About Turning Into Your Parents?

I notice that a lot of people worry when they have characteristics of their parents, who they might not like.

"I'm worried i'm going to be just like my father" ...... or "I act just like my mother..."

It doesn't matter if you have characteristics of your parents. Your parents CHOICES made them your parents; made them who they are. The beautiful thing though, is that every SINGLE person is unique.

Choices and lying to yourself is the only thing that will stop you from being who YOU are.

- Joey JcM

Monday, January 27, 2014

Niceness Confusion

If you are lonely, don't go round trying to make a project out of making everyone else NOT lonely. You're just going to be starting a million projects that you can't finish.

Don't confuse your "niceness". Working on your own life is going to help a lot more people out then you ignoring yourself and trying to distract yourself from whats going on inside by living vicariously through other people and helping them out instead.

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Perfect Phony Detector Technique

When people are in a depressive situation, they want to control and rule another. They want to suck from something else, to constantly give themselves the energy to survive the beating, whether mental or physical that they are getting.

Sucking life from another person comes in all different forms. Sometimes if you are the target, you are infiltrated with kindness, only to have an attempt on your life and soul be taken from the inside.

It's very hard for most to see people like this coming to "attack" you. But the perfect way to tell is if all of a sudden you feel like you can't express yourself and tell the truth. 

- Joey JcM

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Are You a Gangsta or a Gangster?

Gangsta - A bad a$$

Gangster - Someone who will do anything for the next drug, whether in physical or mental form, to hide from the fact of how much they hate themselves.

- Joey JcM

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Recognizing True Love

You only have true love if:

The Mind - Can mentally breathe, and the minds air can come out of your mouth.

The Body - Can want to attack that person every night, and then want more and more.

The Heart - Feels like it's home with that person.

Happy Hunting,

- Joey JcM

A Perfect World Is......

A perfect world isn't a constant high. A perfect isn't constant happyness. That is the definition of drugs.

A perfect world is a world where you're allowed to be a human.

- Joey JcM

Benifits of Stupidity

One of the healthiest things you can do for your mind is to be wowed at the fact of how stupid you were after discovering a better way to do something.

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Even Close People Could Not Be In Your Life

People are not truly in your life unless they respect you.

There can be people that you communicate with, get close with. People that you even touch and hug. People that you spend long nights talking with. Then one day you can see a picture of that person and feel so cold - you went from spending intimate nights together, not even sexual maybe, just close, and then that person is gone with no contact.

It's from these experiences that hurt our brain to grow and mature. These can be good experiences. But it helps to realize that someone was never truly in your life unless they respected you. And if they respect you, there's a good chance they won't be leaving your life.

But remember, respect is when you feel happy. Respect is when you can breathe and smile, and live how you need and live. Respect is people still being there after you do something to respect yourself.

- JcM

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Do What You Need to Have What You Want

Do what you need, so when the time comes, you can treat what you WANT the right way.

- Joey JcM