Monday, November 29, 2010

Heart Points

Heart points are better then skin points. Skin fades, and the heart is the last thing you will ever know. The last thing that attaches you to this universe. Be with someone that makes your heart strong, so you can stick around for a long while.

- Joey JcM

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Loss Can't Be Forever When you keep doing the thing that Made Them Smile Always

When something good in your life goes, keep moving. How... why? You might say.

Well, If you keep moving, it/they will be smiling down on you as they did before and in essence be right there with you.
Because if it/they made YOU move, by you keep moving, you will keep THEM moving. It's the same scenario you had before. They/it wasn't by your side for every step, right? But even though it/they weren't in your presence they knew they were smiling down on you.

So if you keep moving, they will always be there, smiling as they did before.

- Joey JcM

Sunday, November 7, 2010

You Don't Need a Genie in a Bottle, You Just Need This Magic Potion

Whats the magic potion that allows you to do anything?

Just add a little:

Class, Humanity, and Fun.

- Joey JcM

Thursday, November 4, 2010

People Will Point to Everything and Everyone Else, so Their Truth Isn't Revealed

Anyone who goes around talking about how bad everything, and everyone else is, there mission is simply this:
Let me try to take anyone and everyones attention off me, and try to focus it onto something or someone else. Because the more time they're looking at something else, the less time they're looking at me! And thats good! Because I can't even look at myself, because I know just how shitty and disgusting I am!

And two, in simplest form, misery loves company.

So if you ever see someone ranting negativity, just go the other way. If they don't have anyone listening to them, that means that they have no chance of creating any negativity, which they feed off of, because negativity simply makes yet aNOTHER story they have to tell (or make up) to get the focus off they're disgusting selves.

- Joey JcM

Monday, November 1, 2010

If the Inside is Bad, Nothing On the Outside Can Fix That.

No amount beauty on the outside can make up for the ugliness inside. If you are offended by this, then your the person who has to start changing where they focus their energy.

- Joey JcM

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The People I Think Are Beauitful

To me, what makes you beautiful is what makes you smile. Depending on that, is whether your beautiful to me.

- Joey JcM

Monday, October 18, 2010

If Home is Where the Heart Is, What Happens When Our Home's Get Destroyed?

It's true that home is where the heart is, but when our homes get
destroyed, we atleast still have to have our hearts. Thats why you can
never betray the things that mean something to you in your heart.
Growing up is not about giving up what you love, it's just not simply, your able to protect and stand for what you love. Yourself, and... the things that you love are whats going to keep you alive when all the chips are down.
So above all, never betray yourself. Or you'll be looking to take down other people's lives, as you hopefully ave not done to yourself at that point.

- Joey JcM

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Growing Up Is Not About Hate, It's About Freedom

Growing up allows you to still be a kid. It actually allows you to do whatever you want, freely, and happily, because now you stand for something, and there's no stupidity in the way from stopping you from doing what you love.

Some people think "growing up" is stripping away at your soul, getting rid of the things you love one by one. Think about how stupid it sounds, to get rid of the things that make you most passionate. Yes, one of the trials of growing up entails being able to except loss. But just because you might have to throw something out to make room for new things in your house, doesn't mean you have to COMPLETELY hate your comics, toys, or fake DNA kit (if your a scientist or something). Growing up is when your most vulnerable, and so many things will try to trick you into hating things you don't even know about, which inevitably leads you to be miserable.

I thought being miserable and threatening to "slit your wrists" was a thing that TEENAGE GIRLS DO ANYWAY! >=)

Point is, be what you are, do what you love. Wether it's Science, art, being a doctor. Because one day your going to have a family, and your going to need a FULL HEART to give your wife, and your kids all the love that, not only they need, but the amount of love they deserve ;)

- Joey JcM

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Only REAL "Couple"

The only REAL "couple" are two people who make each other feel that the more they are themselves, the more their significant other will like/love them.

"Having someone" that doesn't necessarily make you feel 100% you, is just "filling the void". Someone who shows you more love, for the more you feel 100% is the person you marry.

- Joey JcM

The Process of Life

Childhood - "Whats that?"

Teenage years - "Ok, I know what that is, now i'm going to execute!"

Adulthood - "Ok, I've executed, and I know what works for me, and i'm going to stick with that"

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fear is Pussy

Fear will always be jealous of love. Fear will always try to be as powerful as love, as it will do ANYTHING it can to get what it wants. But no matter how hard fear tries, it could NEVER stand up to love. Why? Fears not capable - it doesn't have a heart.

So do fear a favor send him home early, by not giving him the attention he wants.

- Joey JcM

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Potential of Imagination

Our imaginations help us to understand what we don't know. Even though we don't know something, we always have something innate within us, ad our imaginations give you a little preview of what might be, and to help the time go by more easier for what we don't know or understand yet.

But the imagination is the gateway to SOooo many things. New descoveries, which can help us heal, live better. A scientist brain, if granted the right to imagine, can help create a car, that if in a potential accident, might have technology from the driver getting killed. Something like that can help save someone you love.
An artist's mind, if granted the right to imagine, can help give us art that inspires us. Art to give us a wonderful and memorable experience with a loved one.

Selfishness/being a cry baby are detrimental to our imaginations. If your selfish, it is going to keep you away from what you fear, and what you fear, might turn out to be nothing. So a selfish person will try to take away someones freedoms, and imagination, because as I stated before, imagination can help us understand and give us a preview to the answers that we not might know yet, and make the time while we wait to find the answer more pleasant.

I live with someone who makes me feel like I can't let my imagination be free. The very thing that has made me successful, and gotten me to where I am. I am doing everything I can to win this battle, as it has prevented me from giving those wonderful experiences that can come from imagination, to my loved ones.

You must fight for freedom to live and love, because everyones deserves that right as a living human being. Love is what made you, love is what will keep us going.

- Joey JcM experience

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Help Them Obi-Wan Kenobi!

The person you look up to, your Obi-Wan Kenobi, doesn't always have to be a family member. Remember, Luke wasn't blood related to Obi-Wan.

The problem is, for some kids, there seems to be nothing around but a Darth Vader in their life. Or even if they're not, desperate enough, they will believe whatever a Darth Vader tells them.

Help them Obi-Wan Kenobi. Your they're only hope.

- Joey JcM

Monday, September 27, 2010

Incorruptible, and Why

A generation of a large amount of parents who did not pay attention to their kids, plus having the internet rising along side with them, makes for a very lonely, detached, unsociable group of people, who can't handle very much. This is the reason why we say "Things meant so much more in the past, via 80's 90's" It's not just because we were kids. But I believe in my generation, and the potential I saw in people growing up. Thats why I don't wein in my jollyness. I will not let those types of parents try to control me. Along side of the tragedy, we were also blessed with many things in those two decades. Why am I going to pretend like I don't remember them. I'm gunna use that greatness, and give it back to the world 10x! Thats simply why, I do what I do.

- JcM

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Worst Crime You Can Commit.

Look, I know you have had a lot of things happen to you, but you can't try to destroy love. Love is what made you, and love is what is going to keep you alive. So just, love. Idiot.

And whatever is NOT allowing you to love, bring it to justice, and HARD! Even though impossible, trying to destroy love is THEE worst crime anyone can commit. And i'm not talking about getting cheated on, I mean not loving the person you really do, because your AFFRAID of getting cheated on. Love, and if they don't deserve it, atleast you'll have clossure. You do NOT want to live your life with an unclosed chapter.... take it from me......

- Joey JcM

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Even Food In the Fridge Eventuall Goes Bad If Left Too Long

Negativity simply comes from positive energy being held in, and eventually turning sour.

Face your demonds, and ANYTHING that stands in your way of being happy. Freedom is our right as human beings. Our for-fathers didn't fight for it for nothing. If you carry this out, you will allow your self to have NO regrets.

- Joey JcM

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Sage Deserves.

The brightest sage, can become the most angry sage, if not allowed to shine. Break down the walls that block your freedom to love, sage. Because if you even have the desire to love, you deserve it.

- Joey JcM

The Battle Continues

I feel like a victory has been won.

I have stould up to certain things within the last year, and i'm seeing a lot of smiles, and thats what I have fought for. I'm seeing a lot of people and different groups coming together. Thats what I have fought for.

Thats what I stand for. That was not just my old life, but by now i've realized that life that I was meant to make. Until so many, and possibly my own mistakes had destroyed a lot of that togetherness and happyness. Even my own family members attempting to take my freedom to be happy away. You wanna bring the fight to my door step, your going to get one.

A lot of great things are happening. But things are STILL not perfect, and it is still a scary time for me. My life can change with one phone call. But I must keep believing as I always have had, and continue to do what, I guess god? is telling me to do. I like to say "The Force" hehe. But whatever it is inside of me.

Once I started standing up to the tereny, since then, I have been a lead role in a independant film. I have now made it into the screen actors guild. I have brought a bunch of my friends together, and have defeated anyone who tried to take the smiles away. Anyone who was trying to invertedy, or inadvertently tried to tell people how to live their lives. This is the life of me. I will continue to create freedom and love, and memories. It's what I love to do, but most of all, I just simply love to see people together, smiling.

For a while, my enemies probably thought they had won. I was infact defeated for while, as I was being hit from all angles, even parentals. But my momentum is fueled with love and laughter, and you cannot stop someone who is loyal to that. You might be able to surpress them for a while, but if you stand for trying to destroy happyness, you can only last so long. Freedom and happyness will always outlast, and always prevail. Because freedom and happyness are something worth living for, misery is phony, false, shrude, and cold, and eventually just crushes under it's own weight. Love is warm, and it brings life. Even misery has to agree, because without love, there would be no life, and misery would not have any company.

Never stop believing, and never forget the power you have received from the people who have cherished you all your life. If you can say that you not have had this, maybe think of saying hello, or giving someone a hug. Then you will be on your first step to being something WORTH cherishing.
Hopefully you are lucky enough to have that love around. In some instances I am lucky, and in some, I sure am not. But the best way you can show that person who loved you the great gift they have given you, give them the gift back by expressing how you feel from what they have given you, by knowing that the thing that they have given you is something you couldn't see, but was SO SO real....

The fight is not over, but it's DEF one worth fighting.

Fuk yea Bytches
- Joey JcM

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fear Can Even Make Loved Ones Enemies

Some people when they have problems in their life, they choose to ignore them. Mostly it is because of fear, and the result of this can cause someone to start to believe the thing they are afraid of. The fear can have you living for either the person, that you hate, or thing.

Dig deep, because the bottom line is, there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HAPPYNESS! ANYTHING that is taking away your freedom to smile HAS to be faced. stood up to. Taken care of, IMMEDIATELY. So really ask yourself, what stops you from being happy. And face that asap. If you had a buisness, would you take your trucks not aloud to bring your product in lightly?

All the answers will be A LOT clearer once your free to live. Free to celebrate. Free to love.

When it comes to facing your fears, a lot of things can get misinterpreted. If you try to help someone face their fears, YOU can easily be turned into a bad guy. When people are THAT scared, they will go to ANY measures to prevent themselves from facing the fear. Even making someone they care about an enemy. - Thats why girls shyt on guys that care about them so much.

Fighting for your life allows you to be alive. Doing the opposite disconnects you from life, and you'll never know who you are, or have the life you want. Your going to let someone take your WHOLE life away. I DON'T THINK SOoooooooooooooo! HA, why would you let someone ruin your life? LIFE IS THE GREATEST THING WE WILL EVER KNOW (for now, lol), so YOU DEFEND YOURS!

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Only Tell If They Ask

Tell people to make they're life better. But don't tell them how to unless they ask.

If they don't ask, they're not worth telling.

Why: They'll make you think like they're listening, so only tell them when they come to you telling you they want to listen.

The Simple Science of life.

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Enemys Enjoy Your Time Now, Because Like the Universe, the Force Just Keeps Going

I'm at the point now, where it's do awesome things, or DIE!

I feel like I always matured faster then my peers. I think it's possibly because of the hardships I've faced when I was a child. So when I'm here, they're all the way back there. And then when they age alittle more, I see that they're going through what I went through ATLEAST 3 years before.

Either way, all my "friends" like to put me down. From the Bullshyt they tell me, I feel like they don't understand the concept of - a good team is made up of unique individuals, each contributing to their different talents. Working together, they form one machine that has multiple talents.

My passion is just to produce all of the ideas I have in my head. They're fun, memorable, and I feel that they are actually worth something. Everyone should feel like what they have in side is worth something, but most just conform and then go complain on facebook, like it's everyone else's fault.

"In your darkest hour, you will always be able to find light. The light inside. And the only person that can exstinguish THAT.... is you"
- Joey JcM

You must understand, that the difference in the people that "make it", and the ones that don't is simple: its the ones that choose to do vs. the ones that just DON't. The ones that "DO", make it, and the ones that don't, are mad at themselves, but then try to go spread misery on facebook, in a real cowardly way. They try to bring everyone down to their level, and try to make the majority kick their own a$$es so they don't look alone in doing so.

I've had people tell me "You direct edit and produce, and it's not fair". Or atleast that what I heard through the grape vine. These people would never say things to my face. OBviously, not a quility of a good friend, but I was just so passionate about making videos, and they were too. The details in costume desgins that they did for themselves and such. Such a shame that great thing have to be spoiled by GREAT immaturity. They must see something in immaturity and misery that I don't I guess.... Well, I guess it's because it's not comfortible to live with something on your face all of the time. A blind fold.
The thing is, I went to SCHOOL for movie making! If they had ideas, I would try to implement them in the right way, all with completely good intentions. Why the hell would I want to be an A$$whole and mess up MY PASSION? Oyy.... Not ripping apart what they wanted to do, but simply I would suggest things like this - "Why don't we make a preview episode, get people excited, while we're working on the other ones! "It's soo good, lets try to get something out now! 8D" They were so blinded though, that me saying this was perceived as "I'm not doing what they want to do, and I want all the attention". I guess they would just throw something out there, and not really care what people think, and even care if people they were going to be entertaining were going to like it or not. I USED to be like that when I was REALLY young, then I went to school and learned how to do it the right way.

Then I have another "friend" who has helped me out a lot too, but constantly tries talks about heroes, but he speaks like an anti hero. The thing is, he tries to say that these "heroes" would agree with what he's saying. Maybe he has a distorted view, and he really worships bad guys, but for some reason can't tell the difference? lol He'll preach the Metal Gear 4 quote "Do not try to change the word, but except it for what it is" but then he goes around telling people they're a$$wholes for not playing certain video games. If you like something that he doesn't, he'll ruin your day by sending you all these "facts" from who knows where. If you don't agree or believe in these facts, he has even MORE negative things to say about you.
It's basically like - a kid believing in Santa Clause, and then him sending the kid all these photos of the north pole or ANYTHING to try to convince the child that Santa Clause is not there, attempting to ruin the kids beliefs AT ANY COST! Terrible... Fukking Abysmoly terrible. Inhumanly terrible... sheesh.

I would love to feature other people in my videos, because I believe they might fit the look of a character and actually WOUld do a good job if they applied themselves. But then simply I don't want them there. They would most likly not cooperate, because if they're given a lead, they let it go to their head, and think it's an opportunity to be in control, rather then doing their job. Thats something i've learned from experience with these certain people. We should be making entertainment like only we would be able to do. If you wanted to apply for a public service announcement video and preach, you applied for the wrong job.

I mean when I did a lot of my videos, people were very passionate and helpful, but at the same time, I always felt like I had to watch my back. Even though it was awesome to see everyone dressed up, the process wasn't necessarily fun.
I have all these ideas in my head, but I have to feel like if I share them,people are going to be too busy PREACHINg to care. What do you want to record? Two people making fun of eachother for 10 minutes... go a head. Then who are you going to act nice to, in order to try to get my help? In the words of STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN "EHHH EHH!!!" (as in no, lolol)

In the end, I had to get rid of a lot of people. It wasn't worth it to sell my soul to make a video, because thats not the right way to do it, because You really won't be doing YOUR project, it will be THEIRs, for them to ruin at will. And have to edited a video feeling like a slave, not even making want to touch the mouse. Besides, why would I want to edit a video of people who I feel at any moment are going to stab me in the back?

Alls I wish for is a group of people like Mega 64. They constantly make videos. Each member of the group knows their role, there for, they can execute what each person does to the fullest. They're all about their cause, not about who gets the most screen time. I envy them... I feel a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away that I had this. When I was little, we had a group of friends who understood eachother in this way. We all knew our roles, but did what WE can do to the fullest, and just did awesome things. Person problems in my life lead us to not be able to get together as much later on. It's funny, how those people weren't into drugs when we were all together, and then it all came crashing down. Then they started preaching as well.

When I was around, I brought everyone together. I am full of love and heart, it's not that surprising. And I'm not afraid to say that in the way I do, because I say it as a challenge! For other people to step up, and be all that they can be!

Now a days, I feel like everyones just wasting away, and wasting their time preaching all this god dam BULLSHYT. Or being slaves to people who want to do nothing but preach. Everyone is giving up on their dreams. I don't wanna hear "thats growing up". When were all able to get together all the time, we did great things. And then what happened happened. That was long ago, and now the same thing is happening now. It's not the age, or when, it's the situation. Personal problems in my life prevent me from gathering the people I need to to create something great, Something to remember, and Something to have them say "Wow, we did something. Something that left a mark on their hearts and souls. Bot some BS they're forget nest week."

Things are crumbling around me (as far as personal projects), while my real career is progessing though. So I can't really complain, but my editing computer is DONE (thanks to Windows Vista). And I have SOoo many projects that I was working on, and so many ideas to execute! But I am at a dead halt.... My fellow Jedi who fell, and turned sith probably LOVE this. They're probably saying the "DEMOND JOE MUNAFO IS DEFEATED" Well, to those fellow idiots, enjoy your time. Because when I DO return, your going to want to "friend request" me again, but won't because you'll know now that YOU look stupid, if you havn't already noticed.

The people I was dealing with fell, because they listened to immature people, and they chose controversy over creating something good for others. Not my group of people anyway, but I just feel really sorry for them. Some were so funny, some had that passion in their eyes. So much potential, but I guess for some, the brain just stops progressing. To waste that talent is a sin, but I guess some people put on "the costume" just for the attention. And since they couldn't be leader, they chose to create controversy to keep the attention flow coming.

All this is fine, but I just pray for a situation of people who are open minded, and who are always down to film in any situation. I believe my friends have this, but I cannot say i'm completely confident, and that is not a good thing, as it is leading down the same uncomfortable road that I've delt with before. Alls I ask from them is too believe. Thats all they need. But I don't believe they have this ability anymore, or are bleeding it... and fast =/

But I will rebuild no matter what. And I will continue to make videos, art, music, even if I have to do each part by myself.

If you have read all of this, your time is greatly appreciated. Pray for me, Everything I do, I do for you.

- Joey JcM

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Third Pig Got the House Right! Third Times the Charm? In This Case, I hope the 6th is Atleast...

Your woman is your home.

So many homes seem to be made a straw right now...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The GREATEST Love....

Love someone for what they STAND FOR. Thats is the GREATEST type of love you can have. Wait till you get to the bed... you'll see ;) haha =P

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

View Point

You can live thinking about how much older you are from yesterday, or knowing how much younger you are from tomorrow.

- Joey JcM

Sunday, August 22, 2010

If Everyone Goes One Way, Perfect Time to see What the Advantages are of the Other Way

When everyone wants to be a different person, don't you think you should realize it's time to be you? And take advantage of the uniqueness only YOU can bring to this world? Do this, and get a head start on everyone else who's being fools, so, when your 40 you'll feel good..... instead of going through a midlife crisis.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

When You Arrive?

If you "make it big" you don't become something else, you simply show them what you always were! EDUCATE 'EM! ;)

- Joey JcM

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hold Back to Deform Myself for YOU? I Don't Think So

Our generation was told to shut our months. Hold in all you have inside, and therefore deform yourself.

I refuse to do this. Sorry all you abusive babyboomer fucks.

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Something's Missing......

Tonight I think about girls who were in my life, that I have made a connection with.

I just can't believe, the true story is that all of those girls were taken away by either jealous ex-boyfriends, jealous friends.

There was about .... 3 girls, or maybe 4 that I actually had something different with. Something nice, and awesome. And the one.... the one who took my heart, and never bothered to give it back.

I sit here and think... I have no girl to share things with. I question now wether I even want one. I'm doing really good without anyone right now.

Have I went so high, that I might not ever be able to love again? Or have I been so destroyed....?

All of these girls came to me, and told me SUCH beautiful things. Things that you would think would have two people NEVER stop talking. The closeness, the understanding of eachother. The attraction. And now all of these girls are COMPLETELY out of my life......

I just wish I knew, if they listened to the jealous people because they are really miserable themselves? And that is there TRUE company? And I was done a favor by those girls getting out of my life. ... or, .... or.. I don't even know! lol

All the females I have made a connection with have the same pattern with me:
- We meet
- We have these certain eyes for eachother, and feel eachother deep inside.
- There's a high point where memory that will never be forgotten are created.
- ... and then, all of a sudden, the jealous people get them, and I find them telling me the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what they spilled out of their hearts before.

And in the end, the never want to talk to me again....

I can tell though, when we were with eachother, the girls were SO free and happy. How do I know this? Well.... they told me things that they never told anyone else before, and you can just tell in their smiles. They would come to me and pour their hearts out, about how they felt about us, about how they felt about things around them. They would come to me for help. Make the effort to tell me how much they missed me.
They were actually with a guy who cared for them, knew how to have fun with them, and was passionate for them. I'm sure there's more.

But then I think... was I just a rebound for all these girls? Did they just want a taste of real life, and a relationship where they were actually treated right? Just to feel good for alittle while, so they can say "atleast I did it" or something?
I mean, how can they be with me, and just leave me COMPLETLY! And some of the reasons for it... it was like they were LOOKING for anything to get out all of a sudden.
No smothering though, no hate, just POOF! GONE!

It could be just where I live or something... BUuuuutt.. it's just a shame how I built these skyscrapers with those girls, and now they're knocked down. Why would you do that? Why would you try to get rid of someone that you were so comfortible with, someone that gave you so many smiles and memories.

How can I be sitting here, and have no one I care about to talk to ?

Everyone seems to be giving up on their dreams.... but, thats a WHOLE other blog.

I just wanna be close with someone who looks at me and gets me. Thats all you need in this world. 2 girls were VERY special to me. There was only 2 girls that actually got me thinking I would marry them, but it looks like they're gone for good.
If it's not them theirselves ignoring me, it's they're friends trying to create storys to try to make them stay away from me.

Why did they choose these jealous people over me? Are they really destructive themselves? Or were they just not strong enough to do what they wanted to do?

Either way.... I have no one around me that is filled with the spirit to make me happy. They have either lost there soul, or have gotten lost themselves.

But I continue to not give up. I don't think it's possible for me to stop dreaming. Thats what I love about myself, and i'm proud to stand for that as a symbol.

I just wish I had someone to share it with.......

- Joey JcM

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making a "Deal With The Devil"? Nah... Tell "Him" to go F$@& HIMSELF!

Some people might tell you "Once you go down the dark path, forever it will consume you" or "Once you make the deal with the devil, there's no coming back".

Some people though, do not know what this means. They ignore this advice because they think that they won't get sucked into anything, because they're too smart. It doesn't matter how much you think you have, because THIS is how it goes, THIS is what it's about:

When you make a deal with the devil, the first deal is to get you into a position where your giving, and are promised more back.

After the first deal, you spend all your time trying to get back what was stolen from you, but each deal MORe gets stolen from you. So there you go, one your blinded with anger, and want your "shyt" back. Wether it's a possession, or a piece of your soul.

Soon, your chasing after almost everything that you had, or were. It will forever consume you because it takes everything you had from you: People, your cherishables. It takes everything that made you YOU. then one day you wake up, and you have nothing but the devil. One day you see that you can't survive without him, because "he's" all you got.

And most people at that point don't have the will to take the LOooong road back to recovery....

So realize, that "going down the dark path", or "making a deal with the devil" this is you getting involved with someone who is just a SMART miserable person, who knows HOW to make you it's company (misery loves company). Rather then someone who is just out loud about causing misery.

So before you "make a deal with the devil" ask your self: "Am I that much of a pussy, to have someone be wiping me in the a$$ the rest of my life?"

Tell the "devil" to go FUK itself, and tell him YOUR in control bytch!

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"I'm Not Afraid, to Take a Stand" - Against My Own Generation...

Something i've noticed about my generation.

I always had SO MUCH faith in my generation. I feel that everyone that was born in 1986 was blessed with so much talent, and love to really make it shine. Hell, we grew up with fukking Ninja Turtles and GI Joe? HOW COULD WE NOT!?!!

Somewhere along the line though, people from my generation started to do the COMPLETE opposite of the ability's that they grew up doing. Instead of mastering their crafts, they chose to give up, and follow people who don't want to do anything.

Why is this?
On the way home today, I was thinking about it, and this hit me...

Now, this could be just an epidemic where I live, but here's the deal....
It seems that my generation grew up very abused. Mentally if not psysically. Mostly ALL of my friends parents are divorced, and have dead beat fathers. Not all, but A LOT MORE then you would think. We were lucky enough to grow up in a beautiful, spirited area none the less.
It seems that people of my age where not allowed to do a lot of things though, and were very sheltered. But also with not being allowed to do anything, came the fact that we were babied as well.
The parents of my generation seem to LOVE to force their kids into living the lives THEY never got to live.

The babyboom generation... more like just the BABY generation. They didn't even have to graduate high school to have a decent life, but always complaining. But thats another story. I hate to say it that way though, because the people from the baby boom generation that ARE cool, are AMAZING. But....

What happens when you have a people that are forced to believe they are nothing by BABY boom parents, but are also babied? You have people now, of my age, that WANT to do nothing, but want everything for it. Seems like my generation was rewarded for being a loser. It only makes sense.

It seems like I am a rarity when it comes to actually wanting to become successful. No one takes their talents seriously, and the only sense it makes, is that it comes from parents who FORCED they're children to hate what they're good at.

Me. I told my parents to go FUK themselves. My father was pretty abusive too. Not in a drunk, doesn't know what he's doing type way, but in a jealous tried to stop me from doing everything that made me happy way. Some fukked up in the head shyt, I know.
I mean it's a hard spot. Parents that made their kids feel like they're nothing, so they had the advantage, and control over them all their lives. And when people ALREADY feel alone, how can they find the will to tell their parents to go "f" themselves? It's very terrifying, but I did it.
I did it for the good of my future, and to save myself, and them from their own blindness. Gave them the only hit that can make them open their eyes. Cause when it comes down to it, if you upset, your fukking upset. There's no if, and, or BUTs about it!!

I always felt like I could do more in my growing up years. I was always so tired and out of it... I always felt like shyt.
Fast forward alittle bit to losing to love of my life because of how depressed I was... FINALLY broke me. After that, thats when I realized, it's all or nothing. She was everything to me at the time, but after she disappeared on me, I was absolutely DESTROYED. DESTROYED!! It was then that I realized, I don't care who wants to do what to me, it's time to unleash.

Fast forward alittle more, now I'm in the Screen Actors Guild. I had to work terrible jobs that had you working from 6am to almost 24 hours. But I saved the money, got screwed over a lot, and then I finally made it, in a matter of 3 years. You'd be surprised how far you can get with some class, heart and spirit, in such a short amount of time.

Not only did I have to deal with my stepfather ruining my home, and what it stould for, I had to deal with my father trying to destroy everything that I myself stould for: Smiles, laughs, fun, life, accomplishment. It's hard to get what you need done in a situation like that, the hate can easily blind you. But whet kept me alive was that I said "He's the one thats going to die alone". You might say thats horrible, but it was justice at the time. Extreme times call for extreme measures. Except it.
I went through hell... literally. It was bad, but now i'm officially on the rise to the top. WHY? Because I REFUSE to let depression in general plague me, or my family, and the ones I care about. It is out American right to follow our pursuit of happyness! So I chose to fight against whatever was holding me and my family down. As all great people have done in the past that have changed the game.

Don't let anyone depress you to the point where you just give up, marry someone you hate, and have a terrible job that has you just waiting for your retirement.
Like I said, this might just be at large where I grew up, but if you are out there, and are affected by this too, just know, do not let ANYONE... I don't care if it's friends, family, your parents, depress you.
If you had demons passed on to you, you must end the cycle. Put it to rest. WHY? Because your going to let someone hold you down, JUST because THEY'RE afraid to take a step, so you have to be afraid too? So THEY can continue to be a pussy all their life? Because they prob KNOW, if YOU STAND UP, they're going to have to eventually too.... WELL TOO FUKKING BAD!

Realize, that you have the power to be the one that your grandchildren tell legends about. Just like I tell about my grandfather.

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

5+5=20? I DoOOn't THINK SOooo.... Get It Right, and One Life Can Change Many!

It's funny when someone who once told you they loved you, now shuns you and calls you an a$$whole, when the people they hang around are people who are always advertising negative. The ones that CALL people a$$ wholes, are the ones telling ME i'm an a$$whole? HA! Thats just like... I wonder if these people hear themselves.

Never the less, this is not directed twards trashy friends I have lost, this is really directed towards someone I once cared about with my whole life, and the people in their world.

I gave the love, and their friends gave the hate. The HATE wins? Sheesh... I'd hate to be the person that gave up on love, and gave up on their OWN LIVES to follow that! Actually, I really feel bad for the kids that they have later on in life, because they're the ones who are going to have to suffer, for the mother or father who chose to follow people who could care less about them.
Those demands they have created will be passed on to their children.

If your dying inside, prevent this. Clean up your life. Receiving one simple "congratulations" is better then trying to get someones attention in vein your whole life. Trust me, I've had those people in my life at one point. Bad choice. But what counts is that I cleaned up the sludge, got the car out of the mud for the purpose of moving forward and advancing.

Do this for you. Do this for you future, do this for your legacy.

- Joey JcM

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Importance of a Healthy Mind

The mind controls what business goes on with your body. Your mind can't exist without your body to keep it alive and warm.

Get your head screwed on straight.

- Joey JcM

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Under Developed Adults

People that war after a certain age, are people who's brains never developed passed infancy.

These people might try to make you think they're big and scary, but anyone who try's to do that really is just a "big baby". Don't be scared of them. The mind has less limits then the body, and can be more powerful. All's you have to know is, to defeat a "baby", just simply take it's "Ba Ba" away.

As long as it has nothing to do with your world, just sit back and let the idiots fight. Pull up a chair and some popcorn, and enjoy the show. Let the garbage dispose of each other.

- Joey JcM

Friday, July 30, 2010

"It Was My Decision to get Clean, I Did It For Me. Admittedly, I Prob Did IT Subliminaly, For You"

My SAG letter came today.

It's better to go through the hell to make a life for yourself, and stand up for something, then to experience emptiness all your life.

When people choose emptiness, they try to take drugs to feel something. Not even drugs can fill the emptiness of a void like that, they just make the hole bigger.

- Joey JcM

Push Me, and I'll Change Your World

One day the pushers will push the wrong person. This time it's me. And no, i'm not going to take revenge, i'm going to come back with something even better.

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who Will Survive?

They'll all tell you your dream is impossible. Thats because they don't believe you can survive the hell you have to go through to get there.

Prove them wrong.

- Joey JcM

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why Does She Haunt Me?

I dreampt about her again.... Why is she coming back up all of a sudden? Why can't I get rid of her? I've tried plenty of times to move on with other girls. You know what they say "plenty of fish in the sea" BS, but at my heart, I guess i'm a hopeless romantic?
I consider myself moved on, but I just find it strange that I can't shake this girl... I'm getting all these "symbols" or "symbols from god" as some might say, about her, and she just won't go away.

I've had some great .. "girlfriends", or girls I was seeing after this one i'm talking about. They were wonderful. We had great times, and I was very happy. Some were alittle more crazier then others, but I guess thats the type I attract, lol. But even more so, I seem to attrack girls who fall in love with me, then disappear. In the end they wind up cursing me, condeming me, or never want to speak to me again.
Now tell me... how one goes from having a lot of fun, they express how they feel about me, then disapear... it doesn't make sense. I mean do I live around all crazy people? What is the deal? How can someone express they're happyness, were THEY are making the effort to come to YOU and say it, and then disapear, or totally become something they weren't.

One example is that I even had a girl SNEAK OUT OF HER HOUSE, TAKE THE TRAIN at midnight (I didn't know she was doing it until she....) rings my doorbell at 1 in the morning, just because she didn't want to lose me. This girl was actually the first girl I loved after THE ONE. She was everything I could have asked for. I never felt two people have such eyes for eachother. It was like we could have a whole conversation with eachtother without even speaking. Everything THE ONE meant to me, but without hurting my feelings.... but the thing was, her world was surrounded by hate and jealously. Her spirit was very mature, but her age was alittle bit younger, so I guess she was nieve and they sucked her in. I assume she was peer pressured a couple of times to pretend like she was something she wasn't, only she kept coming back to me, without her "friends" knowing, and apologizing and expressing how she felt. But then one day she had finally totally transformed. It's a real shame.

THE ONE did this to me too. I loved her world though. I loved her family. I felt like her house was my true home, as I was free. I didn't have an evil step father breathing down my neck, trying to complain about every move that I made. I was with someone I truly loved. Everything about her, from her inside, to her outside, her movement to her voice. Her body.
Was it the freedom that I dream about? The Love, and happyness as well? Or is it not really her i'm dreaming about, but see her face, because she is the ultimate symbol of everything I want, and everything that makes me happy? OR, is it infact her that I am REALLY dreaming about?

I think back, about the dark side of things... and she's another one who always seemed to favor people of less quality. People of hate and lies. She was about the same age as the "train girl" when that happened, only too finally seem to mature, and thats when we had good times... but, where is she now? Back with people who seem to live the same soulless lifestyle. People drink, people do silly things, but your not supposed to worship that stuff.

Was it really love?... was I just a fool who was sucked of everything that I was, and just thrown a bone every now and then to be tricked into staying around? Why Do I dream about her though till this day?

What am I dreaming about?

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sometimes We All Fall, But Being Human, We Have the Ability to Get Back Up.

She was the air in my lungs. She brought me to life. But how could I love someone who killed me so much? Was that ONE little piece of her worth THAT MUCH that I went through all that?

She was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, and the worst. It's just one of those tragedy's in life. I'm just dealing with a psycho I. I mean what other sense can be made of it? How can I say she is anything but selfish? I am done with thinking "it waSsss meee", while she walks away being a hooch... but i'm the one thats wrong and all the bad things... hmmmmmmmm. But before her hoochness REALLY took off, we build so much, only for her to disappear? All that time it meant nothing to her?

I am ok now, and don't think it's a matter of WANTing to move on, I think I have. But she still has a certain grip on me. It never ended. If it did, I may be fine. But she will always find a way to avoid me now. Why? The last thing she said to me was that she basically loved me, and it had been after a long while of another disapeering act. Oh, and lets not forget when I see her out, and she's piss drunk, how she runs up to be and gives me the biggest hug ever... AND touches my a$$. JUST SAYIN.

Why do I feel this way? Some people might say "How can you love somebody so much?" or "Does that type of love REALLY exist?" Well.... Here's the deal.
Her mannerisms, what she was made of, her ideals. Her view on life. What she wanted out of life. How she felt about people and things. The way she moved. The way she spoke. Her classiness.
However way she did all this, whatever her way was, it was just made for me. It created something within me. It brought me to life, and gave me a reason when I had none.

Why would I NOT think about someone who did this to me? If we weren't working out then fine, but to just disapear? What type of species am I dealing with? Are women not from Venis, but from the planet Vigina? Where they take and capture males, on;y to have them work as slaves, only then to promise them food... starved and week, once they fall for the trap, the women on this planet then eat them alive!! ... thats how it seems to me.

I've excepted that her completely different life style says that I might have been lied to the whole time. Maybe she was just using me for comfort, and I was JUSt THAT entertaining. But it's just terrible to have something like that between two people thrown into limbo, and left there. Never settled, never answered. It not just, it's not right, and against the laws of nature.

She might say she gave me an answer... BUT. When one day you say you "love me" and a time later, you act like that never happened... thats alittle weird to me. JUST ALITTLE. I'm just a loyal person, and the whole debacle kind of made me lose faith in love.

Move on you say? Yea.... tell me why every girl that i've gotten close with really likes me. They do all these things for me, draw me pictures, we have a lot of fun.... and then... BOOM! EXPLOSION. They just totally change attitude and disappear. How the $#@%@ does that make sense? HOW DARE I MAKE THEM HAPPY! AH! It's incredible how after all the amazingness, most never wanted to know me again. buuut.. the day before they were so comfortible with me, and happy. Make sense of that! I'm talking about like 1.... 2... 3, atleast 3 girls now since THE ONE, so make that 4, who have done this to me.
I don't understand... if you wanna just "mess around" we'll do that. If you wanna go out, let me know. If you wanna break up, we'll settle it. Don't just fukkin turn coat then disappear after you just spent so much time building a house, only to leave it cold. Why does it have to be SO ridiculous of a thing?

It seems like though I was a rebound for most girls. People tell me now "Why are you so picky with girls?" Well, it's because when I wasn't being too picky, I seem to overlook a couple of things. Now, if I don't like you, i'm not gunna BS. Impress me. I'm done with reaching out to girls, because so many of them are not worth it. So many of them just go for stupid guys who are fools, inexperienced, so they can use them to make the people they rEALLY like jealous. Thats so pathetic. Why cause all that garbage, when you can just tell the person you like them?

I guess it's hard on both sides... I usually hate to vent like this, and only like to use my blog for inspiring words that come to me, mainly. Hey but sometimes, we all get alittle off track, and if thats the case, we NEED to go off track, so we can get keen on how to get back on faster. Ah... there we go ;)

- Joey JcM

Friday, July 16, 2010


I love when girls say "Single never felt so good". Yea, thats what happens after you get rid of someone you never wanted to be with in the first place.

Take responsibility. Lying to yourself means wasting someone else's time as well. 

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Woman, or a Shell of a Woman?

It's the heat and soul that comes from the inside, that makes the outside feel nice. A Hot shape, is nothing without a hot touch.

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Relationship With Life

Sometimes, life can't always bring YOU excitement. You have to know what you love. YOU have to be excited for life! Because when your excited for life, thats when it gives back to you the most!

Your relationship with life is just as if you were to have a relationship with another person! Everything is a circle ;)

- Joey JcM

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Have to Fight My Own Heart, and Feelings, Because of What the Other Person Stands For

I HAVE to move on....

Tonight I went to send her a message again. I just got Twilight: New Moon in from Netflix. It's a series another love that I had got me into. It's weird though, it always comes back to the first one...

But then I said to myself "I can't stand for this, because I am more". I can't stand for the feeling that someone I loved.. the love of my life, didn't have the same eyes for me. She claimed she did, but it never seemed that way, I guess thats why I suffered so much. Hurting myself. Kinda like, trying to make your self believe you don't need food to live. With out food I was starving... dying.

There's a line to where someone needs help to let out there feelings, and when they are just outright using you. And everyday, alittle bit more of your life drains... and they go out and use the life you gave them, while you sit home in pain.... devoid of the energy that you gave away.

When I look back now, I know to ME, she was the love of my life. But then when I think of it on her side, I was just another guy, passing in the wind, and the only reason why I was in her life as much as I was, was because I was sacrificing too much of my own. That is my feelings.

What do I choose? To not settle, and continue to believe in the love that I have for this girl, even if she doesn't love me?
Do I realize that I have to become more, and stand up against my feelings. Because the thought of marrying someone like that. She neglected me, which turned me into a monster. What if she were to do that to our kids? Or even something worse? Try to turn them against me?

Then what does my love for her mean? I'm still willing to love a girl that is causing the rest of my world to be destroyed? My heart is telling me she's the one, as i watched everything around me burn? As it already was so.....

It's a hard feeling to live with.. In my heart, I am not one to settle... but then, because of what she stand for, I have to live the rest of my life fighting my own heart?

It's been about 4 years now....

There was only ONE girl who brought me back to life. She actually showed me what it was like to be in love, and have the person act and feel the same way I did. This girl brought me back to life, and gave me the power to fight the love of my life. Gave me a reason to stand up and not go back. She was the only one to ever make me love again. But just so to she was adamant about her love for me, she is adamant about all her decisions, and she made the wrong one. Her too, I see now having a different face....

I don't understand how someone can stand for so much, and do so much to PROVE what they love and stand for, and then really try to live like they don't stand for those things anymore. It must destroy them inside. The evidence is on the outside.

I know I can't do that. I cannot stand for someone who doesn't love me, but claim that they do.... or did even. What is the point of telling me this, if they seem to have no point in talking to you, but just to get your approval, so they don't feel as bad. Thats what makes me me. And if the one thing I have left to love, is that of myself.

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If We Knew Who We Were, We Wouldn't Have to Fight

We fight each other because we don't know what we are. We think by spilling someone else's blood it give us a false pretense that we might be ready for something that comes for us one day.. Wether it be disease, or something we don't even know is out there.

People of different religions fight each other, because they want to please the "god" that they really have no idea about. Because they have no idea, thats what creates the fear, and then the blindness that comes shortly after.

Killing is just a super hard hug, when someone is so scared that they hold on too tight.

This is exactly why we have to come together! We must discover what we are, and what is exactly out there!

I think we've waited for god long enough. I think it's time we go out there and find him!

If we find out what is out there, and get some more answers, we can go on with our true purpose in life. To have our hearts beat, and to love.

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why We Have Leaders

There is a leader so, you know if he looks at the left door when you enter the room, you are to look at the right door. Make sure your covered on all fronts.

If there is no leader, you risk two people looking into the same door, exposing yourself, leaving yourself vulnerable to an unexamined door.

Thats why we have leaders.

The best leaders though are above that rank. The next step, is that you are a symbol. Not even have to speak direction at that point.

- Joey JcM

The Spoiled Brats Want To Falsly Lable You As the Same

Being spoiled is having things you don't really want.

But if you want a big TV, fuk it, you buy that TV. Don't let some other little spoiled baby fool you into thinking your selfish. They are just jealous that you know who you are.

Fukkin kill 'em

- Joey JcM

Friday, June 25, 2010

You Wanna Jump Around, But Only a Zombie Moves Without A Reason

Life isn't so much about your talents as it is the symbol that you stand for.

- Joey JcM

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Smiles Through It All

One day they will say "How did he keep a smile through it all".

It's because the people that I believed in, believed in me. As long as you have love on your side, you can conquer anything. All the abuse, all the poundings, all the betrayal.

It's when you don't have anyone to love you, and no power of love, is when things can get dangerous......

And you say "How can you still laugh, even in that situation?". It's because I see the true face of people who try to hurt others. You just view them in their rightful attire - a diaper.

No matter what though, I just enjoy taking a shyt on people who want to hurt kind souls. Do what you want, but just know, that i'll always be out there to counter you.
People fight, people argue, but it's abuse that I do not tolerate. No should anyone.

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Hero Doesn't Have This

A hero needs to be someone who doesn't have the facility's to support hate. Not anger. Hate.

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to Grow Up?

You can't grow up unless you know who you were in your childhood.

If you can't recognize that person, you are not grown up, you are just lost.

- Joey JcM

Thursday, June 3, 2010

How Do You "Go Big" and Leave Your Mark?

In order to be a "BIG NAME", you get there by having an endless amount of awesome little things ;)

The fools believe that "going big" has to do with simply big explosions. Thats what you call a "flash in a pan".

A script is just a guideline so you don't forget. When it comes time for action though, your heart is your weapon, with the script as the instruction where to aim it. Pay attention to the people your entertaining. Feel them, know what they want, and what would make them happy. GO HARRRD

Paying Attention + Love = success

- Joey JcM

Friday, May 28, 2010

They Will Try to Take the Thing the Thrives Every Man

A Man has to have someone, or something to stand for.
Even if it's one person even, in the darkest times, even if you have that one person, you can still find home, which will keep you knowing who you are.

But when you have no one, be aware of the people who can sense that, and will try to play the role of someone worthy of being your heart. When desperate you are, these people might be able to slip in easily, only to turn heal when least expected, and then you will feel like you are left with nothing. Nothing to defend... nothing to be a man for.

It is in this time, when all else might fail, that you must remember the one person that will never leave your side.... you. Think of you, and everything that made you you. The only time when you don't have yourself, is when you hurt your body. ABUSE is a better word. (And that can consist of hanging around people that hurt your world, or abusing yourself with harmful substances. Abuse being something you use as an answer to your pain. Drugs only bury the pain deeper, you eventually will have to face it. The sooner the better. This all most of the time comes from being around destructive people.)

If you have heart, and get involved with people who have none, maybe in a vulnerable hour, they will try to destroy you in anyway they can. Vicious. Heartless. And souless. People that no matter WHAT you've been through, can act like they never knew you. A TRAIT OF SOMEONE WHO's INTENTIONs WERE NEVER TO BE YOUR FRIEND, BUT AN ALTERNATIVE MOTIVE TO "getting to know you". TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU KNOW, TO USE IT FOR THEIR SELFISH GAIN, ETC. It's some sight if you encounter these zombies.

But hey... no big deal...

... just realize, that these people really aren't "the way it is". There is no way your "hopeless" if you find yourself in this position. If your smart enough to identify the pain, then you already prob have other people in your life, who you may have been ignoring, who already TRULY care about you.
Alls you have to is get up out of the cesspool, and take a shower. And what normal person would want to keep themselves in a cesspool. It causes disease, which could kill you. So if you believe when these zombies tell you the cesspool is good for you, you have no one to blame but yourself.

I realized it. I felt the pain. And it burned... and it burned whatever crust I had over my eyes, so then I could see clearly. It's like child birth. All that pain, but to get to someone so beautiful, the pain will then be recognized as a minimal cost.

- Joey JcM

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How People Following a Dream, Complete That Mission

For people who have a dream, here's alittle tip:

If your following a dream, you must realize, that the people who hire the dreamers, simply look for whoever is going to put the most into what they're doing, and the quality they put into what they're doing. And the people who make it, are people who TRULY love what they're doing.

I believe if you don't love what you are doing, thats when you get in trouble, or get mad. A lot of people CLAIm they want to do something, but they're always upset for some reason. This is most likly because they want what you want just so they can get the glory, so maybe they feel like they have some sort of control. They don't want to do it because they want to contribute something to life. Don't worry about those people though,; here's an infamous fraise that I like "Evil gets crushed under it's own weight".

So if you have a dream, you just have to be one of the people in that business who are going to be able to contribute the most to it, and something wortwhilehand, and how do you do that? By loving it.

- Joey JcM

Friday, May 21, 2010

Why You Are Important, and The People Who Will Try to Make You Think Otherwise

When you have an unique idea or talent, don't think of yourself as alone. Instead, realize this is a gift, or an offering, something only YOU can give, to the people you love. Something unique you can bring to the celebration.

If you don't have people to love, or love you, this is prob your scenario:
You prob feel like you have something more inside, a feeling that your not moving to your full potential. Something is just off or not right. In this case, the people around you, are prob people who want to exploit you for being yourself. NO ONE deserves to be in a such a disgusting scenario.

There was a time in my life when I was being abused, and things really went to hell for me. (plus, add on following your dream, alone, with practically no reason for the heart to beat in site on top of it... it was just a bad scenario). I might have made some mistakes with people, Don't really remember what I might have said, (stupid ish doesn't register) but what I do know, is that I was hanging with people who were giving a certain kind of affection, only for the purpose to mask the fact that they wanted my soul, because of who i was, and what I should for. I was week to this because of how badly hurt I was at the time, from the family abuse, to the hate I was surrounded in with the people I had gotten invovled with.And if I wasn't hating something or someone, I knew I would be attacked by these so called "friends" who were" goOOOood peoplllle". And I'm totally not about hate, i'm much better and smarter then that. So I always knew, a time was going to come when I had to get out of there, but I knew first, I had to fix my family life.
And sooner or later, when I started standing up for what I believed in, started to fix my life, what happens? Those so called "friends" IMMEDIATELY started to attack me, from all angles. My happyness was an enemy to them, because my weakness made me a pawn, but no more.
So when things came to a boiling point, I got rid of them. Said my peace, told them the things they were doing wasn't right, and went on my way.
People like that will try to pretend they live in a fantasy world, where the good people are evil, because the day they step out of the fantasy world, they will have to face their own pain, and they don't have the soul or the heart to do that. So everyday they wake up and say "How can I hate today?" or "What problem can I cause to take the attention away from the problems I cause, and try to convince people that i'm a good guy in the process, because they're not seeing the evil i'm creating over here, because I caused a fony problem over there". Everyday people like this have to make a new problem. It's like a drug. People that don't want to face their pain, and fix their life, constantly have to take drugs to get their mind off of what they are afraid of.

If this is the case, do some soul searching, get rid of those people, and get them out of your way, and life. They will ALWAYS try to pin you as a bad person, but just ultimately realize, that them doing that, is the biggest favor they can give you, because they're giving you reason to get them out of your life, which they don't deserve to be in in the first place.
Find and stick with people who will not judge you for who you are. Because what you have to offer is beautiful. Avoid people who will "be your friend", but require you to give up your soul. In other words, thats simply a person trying to scam you, so they can bring you down to their misery level.

Try to get close to you, only to find out how to destroy you.No more, and no less.

I don't usually like writing long blogs, but I feel there is a lot of GOOD people out there who get into these messes, because of the pain they're facing in their life, but might feel that they don't know how to get out of it. Well, i'm telling you, get rid of those people that hurt your way of life (the garbage) and pursue the things that bring you life.
I've never been happier, and more at peace in my life. No reason to hate anymore, thank god, and I couldn't ask for more because that is not my nature in the slightest.

I'm not a "hippy", I'm just too smart to not be able to fix my own problems, and have to blame them on someone else.

Certain family members even tried to make me believe I couldn't fix my own problems. Which is what lead me to not solve my problems, which created a lot of messes in my life. That might have worked when I was little, but not anymore.

Becoming a man is not about throwing away your childhood, but simply finally choosing what you stand for.

Who knows what family members were going through to even to do this to me, but now that I've stood up for what I believe in, and there is even peace with them.... when I have to deal with them, lol! Whatever may have happened, simply standing up for what I believed in brought me new life. The road might have been hell, but scenarios like that, only allow you to appreciate heaven even alittle more. I had Torn the sith skin off of me, and it has enabled me to become who I truly am, so I wouldn't change anything for how I feel right now.

Some may even be reading this write now, and calling me "phony". But there is nothing but positivity in this blog. Simply and a message to get harmful people out of your life, that don't deserve to be in it. There is no directions to attack anyone here.

The people that are calling me "phony" for writing this, are the people who i'm talking about in this blog. Trying to say something else is the problem, because they know that they might qualify for one of these "users". They know they're starting the fight, and don't want to be blamed for it. Bottum line, is there shouldn't be a fight, but thats not the goal of a user. Users, like I said, simply always need negativity happening, so they can talk about the problem they created, to serve as a detraction from what the person is actually causing.

If a person is talking about hate, drama, and problems all the time, I would say pretty much the bottom line is, they're the person that starts it, but will always blame it on another source. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CREATUES! AND JUST LET THEM BURN! The hardshest punishment you can give them - Not joining their fight, and adding to the misery. Misery is oxygen to them! SUFFICATE THE BYTCHEs! Hehe

There is always a way people, even in the darkest hour. It might require pain, but there is always a way.

If I see the people that caused me that pain, I just do my thing, because I'm truly at peace now, and I can. If anything I say "How ya doin", and continue doing my thing. I KNOw how miserable hating can make you feel, and I'm TELLing you, you don't wanna be in that position. Even though they still prob celebrate any failures I might have, alls I see is people dancing IN a fire, and not around it, and thats their loss, because I don't want my skin to look like Freddy Crugger.

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some May Think It's Love, But What is the Tool that Lets You Know for Sure?

Love you may not be able to see with your eyes. It's just that much of a wonderful thing.

..but hold on! TRUST you can see with everything else! So pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you, because it's true.

Trust is what what lets you know the love your experiencing isn't a phony love.

Your innards tell you what is the better brand TV, if your already didn't know:
"Brand Xxxxxxxxxx", or Sony.
They're both TV's but.... catch my drift?

- Joey JcM

Saturday, May 15, 2010

If You Hate, You've Simply Been Tricked.

As far as people that hate, you should just feel bad for them.

If you find it hard to do so, and you find yourself hating back, it is then you must realize and make the decision to start the journey of finding out what happiness means to you, and find yours.

If you hate, that means that you were tricked. And from there you can be either mad at yourself for being so foolish and hate back, or just realize to NEVER do it again, and get the things away from you that blinded you.

- Joey JcM

A Lot of People Wonder Just How Good People Actually Go About Doing Good

If your doing something good, your most of the time going to get laughed at.

Some people do it as a mistake, some people are just malice. It's hard, but try not to hate them, but just rather feel bad for them.

Know that, and in the end, the people that deserve to celebrate with you after the Death Star is destroyed, will not be ashamed to show their face.

- Joey JcM

Are You Ready?

Life is about struggling to get to where you want to be. Anything else, your just a slave.

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hmm.. Where Havn't I Looked? 8o

Sometimes, the answers lye in places that you wouldn't usually look.

- Joey JcM

Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't Blind Yourself to the Point Where You Think Masks are Real/Negativity Try's to Start a Fire of Negativty. Don't Give It Oxygen.

Some people only know how to make a big deal of what they see with their eyes.

Too many people who only use there eyes, usually can't see the truth. Too many people make a big deal out of what they see with there eyes, but if your not using your heart, your eyes will have you believing masks that people wear. You see people following masks all over the place. When your a teenager, and on the road to discovering who you are, and what your made of, you might be effected by this. You can only though, that someone chooses in the end, to not be afraid to look at ugliness in the face. Because usually, ugliness comes from depriving yourself of love, and respect for yourself.

Too many people wonder why they don't feel right around certain people. They constantly try to prove themselves to people who don't care about them, because in their head somewhere, they're telling theirself that they're on the same level as some people. YOU are not an asswhole, so if you feel unwelcome, don't disrespect yourself by doing things things that will hurt yourself. Don't you realize if your doing that, your around misery? And obviously, misery wants you to be on the same level.

If your trying to make someone out to be a bad person, your usually the bad person, because advertising hate usually means your trying to create more of it. If you TRULY feel that someone is bad, just get away from them, or take the proper precautions to get them out of your life. You wouldn't keep trash, cause it could make you sick.

And if you adopt these people that try, in anyway, to make you out to be something your not, it's time to evaluate your life, and fix it. If you can realize your disposition, and fix it, you'll wake up one day and discover things about yourself you never knew. And it will be beautiful, why, because it's you.

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The More Fears, the Less Knowledge

When you have lingering fears, your limiting your knowledge. Unresolved fears can hold you back from a great many things, therefore limiting your knowledge, and experience.

Bad guys try to take over the world because they're afraid of the world, and don't know how to live in it, so they want to control it. Instead of going out there and learning, they want to force everyone to conform to their limited knowledge.

Bad guys will try to PUSH their beliefs on you. Instead of sharing their stories, they'll just force you to repeat what they say.
There's all different ways they go about it. Some might just keep saying the same thing a different way, until you say "OK FINE! I agree with you!". And if you don't agree, and get mad, thats EXACTLY what they're looking for.
Bad guys mostly don't even know what is coming out of their mouth. They just know they by saying this, it will get THAT reaction. They usually look for you to get ticked off, so they can say "SEE YOUR THE BAD GUYYY! YOU YELLED!"
Thats why, you simply don't deal with soul suckers, you just walk away. The worst pain you can give them, because they have no energy to suck from you.

Don't be a fool to a "pusher". Let them try to go bring down someone else's mood. Your better then that. If they don't wanna fface their fears or grow up, then just walk away, because all's your doing otherwise is just getting your energy sucked.

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nothing Else Matters But the True Intensions

No matter what attributes a person might have, a person is defined by their ultimate goal.

A person's "Ultimate Goal" is not always discovered by their words, but mostly through actions.

Quite simply, if any conflicting feelings you have, none are to be ignored. Discover what those troubled feelings are, and take care of the situation accordingly. Some just actions might lead you to loneliness. Do not be afraid of loneliness.
If cleansed of garbage you are, the positivity will see it safe to return to you. This sacrifice is necessary to show if your "main goal" is worth the positive energy returning to you. If not, it has plenty of kind and beautiful people to occupy

- Joey JcM

Monday, May 3, 2010

When Your Down, and Fooled, Where Can You Turn? 8o

When they have those eyes, like they look like they can be trusted, but something is telling you there is fish around somewhere, how do you know whats the right thing to do?

Your heart is there to always show you the true face of people.

Face the truth, and don't walk away with any regrets, and you will be liberated.

Guide to Keeping It Cool "Undaa Preshhaaa"

If you ever become famous and get nervous, just say to yourself, there's no need to get nervous.

If you get famous, just make yourself look nice, and be a good person, and you will have nothing to worry about.

If you ARE worrying, then its time to take a look around you, and see who the people are in your life. Start taking out the trash.

YOU SHOULD NEVER FEEL WORRIED, SECOND GUESS YOURSELF, OR FEEL LIKE YOU CAN'T GIVE YOURSELF 100%. If this is the case, then you have trash in your life. And yes, simply getting rid of them WILL help.
Don't be nasty to people, simply know this:

Friends: Take care of your heart
Acquaintances: Not worthy of getting close to it

How do you know the difference? You won't need too. Get the trash out of your life, and your senses are heart won't be clouded, and they will let you know.

- Joey JcM

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a Person You Love REALLY Looks Like. How Can You Tell?

The world might see the person that you love with their eyes. When you love someone though, it's your heart that see's what the person really looks like, and it's your HEART that says "Hey, check her out!"

They say "Love is blind". I say, when you love someone you see them for what they REALLY look like, and thats something you can't see with your eyes.

But keep a look out though, you should be able to see everyone for what they truly look like. Your senses give you an idea, but your heart tell you the truth.
... and people CAN turn to the Darkside.

Always remember - ONLY A SITH DEALS IN ABSOLUTES. A person you love can be consumed by the darkside, and cease to be the person that they once were.

- Joey JcM

The Definition of an Ex-Girlfriend

An ex-girl friend is someone for whatever reason, you can't love any more because you can't trust them with caring for your heart, which is the job of your significant other.

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Necessary Pain Brings Nothing But Beauty

Evil people don't want to face their heart towards the pain that they have caused and that they have inside.

Facing your pain hurts, but so does a woman giving birth to a child. Face your pain, your fears, and grow anew. Thats how you grow stronger and happier.
Who wants to watch a TV with smoke blocking the screen?

So, intern, evil people suck because they hate the very thing that they are, life. IF evil people do not like life, they must be stopped, because they will only try to stop yours.

Don't let evil people fool you from gathering the positivity you know you can. Because the more positivity you gather, the closer they will have to come to facing their fears, because everyone will be doing it.

- Joey JcM

Cheap Can Equal Death

Misery is the cheapest form of affection.

Like seriously, would you pay a 50 cents for a steak?

- Joey JcM

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We Each Have A Present to Give. Go to Where There is Christmas, So You Can Give It.

NEVER say nobody likes you. Why? Because each person has something unique to offer to the world, that nobody else has. So therefor, EVERYONEs got something special.

If your not getting to respect you deserve, just simply get away from the people who simply just hate life. Let them molt by themselves.

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Difference Between A Strict Parent, and a Abusive Parent.- Parental Abuse is Real

There's a difference between a parent simply being strict, and parental abuse.

Being strict, is:
- You can still take music lessons if you want.
- You can take karate lessons if you want. And if you decide you don't like it, you can quit and move on.
BuuUUt, maybe you have to go to bed early, and are demanded to throw the garbage out.

Abuse, is when:
- A parent is trying to prevent there child from doing anything. Even things that will help them advance socially, or academically.

In closing, a real parent may be a pain in the a$$, but does not try to take your life, and growing process away.

Parental abuse is real, and is the reason why so maybe children turn to negative influences on the TV and radio, and even negative influences in school; certain friends.

Most of the time, the kids are actually nice kids, but they have tried everything to get through to their parents, but it's to no avail. The parent or parents are plain and simply, abusers.

I've noticed that a lot of people of the baby boom generation don't exactly treat their kids right. Judging from the parents of my peers, and even from personal experience.
Could this be the reason why, kids I grew up with, that had so maybe positive influences, and acted with so much love, are now turning to drugs, and given up on what they were?
I believe they had such high hopes, and certain people tried to destroy them. It's the only thing that makes sense.
Although with me, i'm sure there are many other people out there from my era, that are still willing to fight and show who they are, and what they are truly made of.

Parents, as long as you listen to what your children have to say, there is no reason for them to resort to drugs. And if they still turn out to be bad... well then, the only explanation, is that they are possessed by the devil... lol.

KNOW your kids, and treat them as for who they are. Thats all they could ever ask for.

- Joey JcM

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ofcorse There's a Place for Stupid People!

People who say stupid things, most of the time don't know their own names. They look for the cheap and easy respect, because misery excepts anything.

- Joey JcM

Let Them Know, That It's You Who Holds the Key.

If you don't be yourself, the people that are looking for what you are, will never find you.

- Joey JcM

The People You Love Have It, but, Where Do We Get It?


It comes from experimenting.

We must let each other be free, in order to bring to life the things that come to us from the other side. Things that are not produced with our eyes, but with our hearts.

The inside world is real, and it comes first.

- Joey JcM

Being Tricked Can Cause SO Much Damage. Face the Trickster.

Fear can drive you mad.
It could ruin your life for as long as you let it. You could wake up when your 55 even and say "Wow... I don't even know where I am right now"

Why let it ruin your life? When most of the time you just have to face it, and it goes away.
The other percentage of the time, it might just need a little kick in the a$$. Nothing too hard. Very simple

So what are the options? Grow some nuts and face your fear, ooOOooor.... don't take a couple of baby steps, and have your life ruined?

I've seen plenty of people not face their fear, and alls they want to do is destroy the world around them, and some are VERy crafty at doing so. I mean, how could you NOt be disgraced at yourself, if you are not even able to face something as harmless as a bunny.

Yes, fear is just a bunny that is about to do magic tricks. Just knock the wand out of it's hand. thats really all it takes.
Imagine, alittle bunny rabbit is telling a grown man what to do, and bossing them around. How would you feel?Pretty pathetic. Well, thats what fear is, harmless.

Now i'm not saying to NOT be afraid. There are things in your life will make you affraid, no matter what level you are on in your life. But the point is to not run away, and be brave, and fight through the fear.

There are some that will ultimately choose not to though, as these are the people who simply want to watch the world burn.

Face your fear, so you will be able to love your life. Because if you can't love your life, your not going to have a good one. And these are the people that want to destroy the world; hence want to create "problems" in their heads with other people, so that they take their minds off of what kind of cowards they are.

- JcM

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Parents are Supposed to Do.

A father teaches a sun how to be a man,
a mother gives a sun a reason to be a man.

Luckily, when I didn't have either, my grandfather is such a great person/spirit, he taught me everything I needed to know, which showed me plenty of reasons to want to be alive.

Thank you Obi-Wan Kenobi. You were my only hope.

- JcM

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Negative Likes to be Around Negative, and Positive Likes to be Around Positive. The Better Prize Will Test Your Worth.

I've prob blogged about something similar before, but in my journeys, I felt the need to send this message again. Perhaps I have formed better words, and have tapped deeper into the subject.

In my experience so far, what does it take to be successful? Well, quite simply, it comes down to the infamous phrase - "If you put yourself around shyt, your life will be shyt" And really, it's one of the most powerful phrases to live by.


Some will even hurt you in ways that you can't see. Simply, if your hurting, it's hurt. Don't let them trick you, and allow you to continue to be their punching bag.

Some people use "nice" as a weapon. Don't fall for it. GUNS COME IN ALL DIFFERENT SHAPES AND SIZES.

There was a time when I had people in my life that were "helping me" but I always felt that I wasn't able to reach my full potential with them. Rise to the next level, and beyond.
I fooled myself into thinking these people were out for my best interests. I didn't want to believe otherwise, because of the pain I was experiencing in my life at the time. But no one deserves hurt!

One day I decided to be a man, and take my life into my own hands. And I did.
I faced many demons within my family and defeated them. There are still more, but I would say the war is now waning, or just about at an end.
I got rid of people who I knew at the first sign of being myself, they would try to defeat me, as they always had.
Some need to be vanquished, and some just need a punishment. Either way, if your being hurt, you fight to get those people out of your life.

Some people though, don't even realizing they're hurting people anymore, because they're so deep into the bullshyt in their head, where they are CONVINCED, and believe they're own lies. These people will deny their wrong doing till the end!

So I ask you, PLEASE don't think you can get through to people who your ... well, not already getting through to. If that is the case, they do not care about you. Plain and simple No one deserves to be treated that way.
Like I said, a true friend will come to you, face the shame of what they did, and apologize. But if they're not facing the shame, the apology is no good.

I'm able to reach potentials now, that I never thought possible, and scary myself alittle too, because there seems to be no end.

Fight for your rights, and your happyness. And by ALL MEANS NESSESARY, get rid of people who are trying very hard to make you out to be something your not. I abused myself like that for too long, now i'm talking from experience, and hope to be an example, that saving yourself is possible.

I look back now and say ... "Wow I cant believe there was a time when people were really trying to ruin my life, and I sit by and actually let that happen. I actually allowed that to go on, even if in the littlest form."

NO ONE is going to tell me that i'm a bad person.

Now, as my usually self, and making the world smile, and REALLY reaching potentials, and new highs with my art that I a VERY excited about. Overall, I am very excited, as a person who fought for their freedom from tyranny should be.

Give your energy to shyt, and shyt will come for you. Give your energy to life, love and happyness, and the light will come to you.

- Joey JcM

Monday, March 29, 2010

2 Views of Life. Which One is Healthier?

You can either look at life 2 ways:

1. I'm younger today then I will be tomorrow.

2. I'm SOoo much older then I was yesterday.


- JcM

Love Your Child for What They Are

We must love out children for who and what they are.

If you try to force your child to be something he/she is not, you'll be forcing them to spend years of their life not even being alive.

If you choose to neglect what your child is made of, they will most likely never forgive you. Why? Because if you hurt your child, they probably won't know you. Parents that care, ask questions; They take the time to discover their child. Parents that don't, just bark orders, and expect their children to obey, like a dog.
Human beings are not dogs.

A child that maybe capable of great things, could have no motivation to do so, and qite possibly never achieve their potential, because they might feel that they have no one that cares. Everyone needs to have a someone. A reason.

I believe a child can't turn out bad, if they feel safe in their own skin by their parents. I feel if that is the case, they would have all the love and respect they would need, and have no desire to want to hurt someone else, because they wouldn't feel angry, and unloved.
And if you give you child these things, and they still turn out bad, they might simply have a problem, that sometimes can't be helped.

But even so, i've seen a lot of parents that aren't happy with their lives, and then when they have kids, they see themselves through their children's eyes. They see the child that they were, that wasn't able to stand up for what they believed in, and in turn, they think the child should suffer. The parent not realizing that they're setting themselves up to suffer once more, once the child gets older.

I've seen TOO many parents have a STRANGLE hold of ABUSE on their children, and it's sickening. And it's something I will ALWAYS stand up against.
Why? Because if I don't, thats one more parent who thinks they can take advantage, and obscure the love of a child. And there's not many sins bigger then that.

Parents picking on innocent little 5 year old's? ABSOLUTELY not. How much more of a coward can you be.

- JcM

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Difference Between the Fans, and the Warriors

Sometimes you might find yourself in a position where, you have a bunch of people around you who like the same thing.
You try to take those people and bring them along the journey, but later find out that they are not equipped for battle.

Some, you might find yourself babysitting more then actually working with and along side of.
Some might screw you over because they are jealous and don't want you to surpass them, and try to only allow to go far enough to be whats needed to make them look good.

The moral of the story though, you gotta realize the fans, from the warriors, or else you'll just find yourself in constant limbo.
How do you do this? Well... you can tell by simply seeing if something doesn't feel right, or your simply not having a blast doing it, which should NEVER be the case. Life is about BREAKING BARRIERS, not about being chained down and holding your breathe.
And most of all you should never feel you have to hold back for them.

True friends WANT you to succeed, so then they can try to surpass you! And so on and so on ;P hehe

I've encountered many groups of people were each person is only looking their own one way. At the first sign that your not needed anymore, they erase all memory of you, no matter WHAT you've experienced together.
I can only blame myself, I was eager, and very determined

But now i'm stronger, wiser and sharper. I become more so everyday. With every experience. I know not to try to turn apples into flying horses... lol. Like i said, I can only blame myself for being so naive.

But I guess you live and learn, to pass storys like this along, so the next wave are smarter and stronger.

- Joey JcM

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't Fill Your Lonelyness With Empty Things

If your lonely, sometimes you get involved with the wrong people. People who... are not friendly at all, and the only thing they have in common, is.. "who can we hate next". People who, when your around, you feel like you surrounded by secrets.

To try to get an answer out of these types of people is impossible, because they're only hobby is lies. If you find yourself alone and in this situation, realize what your doing, and get out as soon as possible.

Sacrifice being alone for alittle while then. Do not settle. You'll have time to think YOUR own thoughts, and you'll heal, and realize where you want to go from there.

There's a difference between some friends who just need a time out, and friends that need a PERMANENT time out.
- The bottom line is, that NO ONE should walk all over you, whether it be crappy people, or even your friends.

If you don't get away from people who aren't really your friends, you'll unfortunately learn the consequences of unhealthy friendships... the hard way. Because it's common sense... if they're not really your friend, your just heading into disappointment, one way or another. And hopefully, they're not that smart.

- JcM

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Repulsive people are people that move with only themselves in mind.

Attractive people realize that other people exist.

- Joey JcM

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Just Sayin" - The Day When Facebook Took Over Myspace

Todays "Just Sayin"

- I think the day Facebook OFFICIALLY started taking over myspace when they had real time updates. Myspace you had to refresh your page to see if you got new comments, and facebook started having the little red notification pop up automatically. I think thats what did it for me..

Facebook though, always had a better technology and software on their site. There was so many things you can do with it. So many things in "real time", made the site very ALIVE and active. Myspace slowly just started to look like a regular website, and facebook was like being on aim and myspace at the same time. Instant action like.

This has been todays "Just Sayin" hehehh, Hollllerrr ;) hehe

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Devil's "Fun"

The Devil's "Fun" is something I thought of while eating breakfast this morning.

The Devil's "Fun" means things that you can find fun in, but ultimately, they just add to the hurt pot for the future.

This morning I was thinking of getting rid of some videogames that I really feel just do more bad then good for me. Games that are cool, but in reality i'm not really that in to. I feel like i'm forcing myself to play it to beat it, just so "finishing the game" is a good enough excuse to get rid of it. But I already have a good enough excuse. There's things I like about the game, but ultimately they are things that would be cool to have in other games that i'm a fan of, and care about. Maybe. but certainly not enough to merit keeping it, if its preventing me from doing other things I really want to do. Or making me feel that i'm forced to play it. Absolutely not.

And with this thought, I thought how something like this pertains to drugs. People can claim to have "fun" with drugs, but in reality, what is it doing? It's just blinding you while it does the damage. It's like a Pedophile luring a child in with candy. They're just seeing the candy, but not whats really going down.

I always said this - evil can't do anything to you but trick you. So on drugs, you think you might be "having fun", but thats just the blindfold, they're really hurting you.

So in closing, with those games, I was trying to pretend like the stuff I was enjoying about it was worth keeping it for, but really... for the simple fact that I was questioning the games for a while, shows that they're simply not for me.

Don't do drugs. Fight for your freedom and life.

- JcM

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Language of Art

When creating, it seems like it's the art that says something that you can't explain.

Even though words might be around it, it's the art that sends the TRUE message. - How things move, how things look, the way you do them.

So thats why when somethings written, and you don't really take into account how that actually happens, and your just going through the motions, don't expect your stuff to be around for too long.

People can only want to talk to robots for SO long, before they want to go back to talking to something alive.

- JcM

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eye's Are Open, But Are You TRULY Seeing?

If your able to say that everything around you sucks, I think it's time for you to maybe realize that you've been possible been going down the wrong road blindly.

I think it's time to open your eyes then, and see whats really there.

If your able to do that, then you always have a shot.

- JcM

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Sells

Sex sells quota, but respect has ENDLESS markee value.

- JcM

The Difference Between Disagreeing, and Feeling Like S%^&$

No one should have to change who they are to appease anyone.

If anyone is making you feel that way then get any thought out of your mind that they are a friend. People like that usually only do "friendly" things so they can have you in a position where they can take what they wanna take from you.

If they're "friendly" they can try to hang out with you, and try to take all your friends, so, they're trying to use u for the attention u can provide via all the people u know. That's one example....

Always know, that a disagreement, is different from someone trying to belittle you. Friends desagree. People that aren't your friends make you feel like shyt, or even confused.

- JcM

Coasting is no Life. As Humans, We have SO Much More then That

The writting is the direction. The art is the feeling that drives car to get there.

If there's simply script, its like walking to your destination. Walking can be nice.... But like Christmas time, people wanna FEEL the snow, not just see it.

Art maybe "unliteral", but it makes things worth it.

Art makes your heart.

Art makes you think, art makes you feel.... but GREAT art covers ALL tracks, and makes you NEVER forget.

- JcM

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Power of the Little Things

The beauty is in the little things.

The power of the little things may look harder to cLinch with just using using your eyes. But if you are finding it hard to cLinch, thats when you know your not using your heart enough.

If you harness the power of the little things, thats when you can TRULY obtain big things; without selling your soul.

- JcM