Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Achieving the Height of True Love

The only way you can truly love someone is if you love yourself.
And not for the tipicle reasons that everybody posts... but because if you truly love somebody, you will let them do what they have to do, and know that you will always have yourself no matter what.
Because if you don't let the person do what they gotta do, they will eventually leave you to go do it.
Better to let them do it, and have them come back, then try to keep them and have them leave you.

And the only way you can achieve this, is if you love yourself...

- Joey JcM

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Positive of Pain

People think pain is bad. But don't forget, you cannot have a child without pain.

The message is not to seek pain, but that it is unhealthy to try to completely erase it.

There's pain that we don't need, and then there's pain that comes from a result of growing.
Just like there's stress, and eustress.

To face pain and truth vs. Completely trying to ignore pain, -  is like comparing - Eating food vs. Only eating candy in your diet.

I see too many people trying to take mental drugs. Too many people that are afraid to face the truth, and rather hang around people who are toxic, but provide them that quick fix, mental buzz in attempt to CONSTANTLY keep their mind happy, and away from potential negative facts about ones self.
I mean... whats the different between that and hanging around a criminal drug dealer who has a toxic life style, but provides you pills - drugs in physical form?

Toxicity is not only something you can physically see. Some people hide their toxic world in their mind, just like someone can live a "real" life, then try to live a different life in a video game. People can live a different life in their mind then they do in real life.

Go with you're gut. Don't lie to yourself. If you wind up being wrong, the pain of being wrong will truly let you know if you were. But if you are right, the pain of being right will let you know that you truly were.

- Joey JcM

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Best Defense Againt the Issues of Love

The best defense against the hardships of love, is to make sure you always stay honest with yourself. It is your job to identify every SINGLE thing about someone that is unattractive to you, if you find yourself interested in them in that certain way.

Too many people get too excited too quick, and try to ignore the things that they don't like about someone. That is a very ignorant move, because eventually those truths will come out one way or another, in some form or fashion, maybe sooner then later.

No one is going to be the perfect person, there is no such thing. But it is very important to recognize all the negatives in someone that you are "feeling" for. "Spending your life" with someone is an extremely serious thing. No matter how you may feel about another person, if you are honest with yourself, and find that the things about them that are unattractive to you wind up being too much salt for you to truly swallow, it's probably not a good idea.

I recently had a situation where I had a girl that was everything I wanted. Everything was just in place, and I was completely satisfied. In the end though, she made it clear that she was dedicated to a certain way of life that I couldn't be a part of. So no matter how many goods there were, the negatives wound up being way passed the line.
Some people may continue down a path such as this, and this is when you get people who are truly not happy, and aren't being honest with themselves, and they need negativity, and drugs constantly, to try to constantly keep their mind off of the reality that they created for themselves.

This is why in the end the happyness is not the deciding factor for a relationship. It must be present of course to even make a consideration, but ultimately it's the amount of negatives and things you don't like, no matter how much good there is, that will help you decide whether you should stay or... ge the FUK OUT!

- Joey JcM

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Worried About Turning Into Your Parents?

I notice that a lot of people worry when they have characteristics of their parents, who they might not like.

"I'm worried i'm going to be just like my father" ...... or "I act just like my mother..."

It doesn't matter if you have characteristics of your parents. Your parents CHOICES made them your parents; made them who they are. The beautiful thing though, is that every SINGLE person is unique.

Choices and lying to yourself is the only thing that will stop you from being who YOU are.

- Joey JcM