Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Do You Keep Trash?/Preying On the Innocent

Trash. Do you keep it? .... What would you think about a person who never threw out their trash? .... bugs...... horrible smell.... sickness....... rodents...... you let me know when you find a positive to keeping trash, and I will delete this post....

Also, what would you think about someone who kept a real smelly... gross bag of trash... but wrapped it up in a nice Christmas box.... with a bow and everything? 

Human trash usually likes to wrap itself in a nice looking Christmas box. Promising you that the inside looks just as nice.... but don't mind the smell though.... that must be coming from somewhere else....  

Human trash will prey on the innocent. On the people that long to feel "special". People that are desperate to believe the inside of the box looks just as good as the outside.
Human trashes only objective is to suck the life out of you.
Oh... but the person "is so nice to you" you say?

You tell me in a due amount of time if thats still the case. When you're use is done, and they try to sell YOU off as trash, and make people think the smell is coming from you! As they run away... to their next victim....

This is why you cannot support people like this. People get a couple of chances and then THATS IT. After that, there's nothing that should convince you that they still "need help". Or that you should "feel bad" for them. If you don't realize this harsh truth, it can cost you a lifetime of repercussions.

Seriously think about it.... if someone doesn't accept help after a few tries... WTF DO YOU THINK is going to help them? How much MORE?
...... the best is when these things are played off as "mistakes" .... "mistakes"...... "mistakes"....

In closing... you're whole life can be ruined... just because you FELT BAD for someone.....
Look inside yourself... realize the truths, whether how hard, and do what these people won't do. You shouldn't have to suffer because they're too much of a pussy to face themselves. They should burn, while you know that you tried in your heart a few times, and did a good thing.... but are not responsible for someone else's choices. Because if you think you're helping people like this, by being their excuse, and their cushion to keep being trash, maybe I must realize that your choice is to like trash.... just like they do....

Much love. Stay aware, stand up for yourself after giving and not getting. That's where the true treasures lies....

Love you,
- Joey JcM <3 br="">


Dedicated to Misery

No body is trapped on the darkside. People get a few chances, a few tries only. After that, everything else is a trick.
Some people may have fallen for a trap, but after a few tries, you must declare them willingly staying in the dead end world that they live in. There ARE people out there DEDICATED to misery till death. If you fail to realize this, it could take you're whole life away.
People like this need to be left alone to burn. It sounds harsh, but otherwise YOU will burn, by being tricked by them. They will make you feel bad for them, and target people who are naive enough to fall for their parlor tricks. Making you think that "they need your help.... they need your help" praying on people that desire to feel "Special"..... but meanwhile you just become the underwear they're shitting in.

I've been in the movie business. I understand how intricate smoke and mirrors can be...

- Joey JcM. 

True Friend Signs

The only true friends you can have, are people that know how to satisfy themsevles. People who know how to look inside, face their wrongs, therefore get the fear out of mind of site, so they can see clearly what they desire.

A true friend will worry about getting what they want, not stealing from you.

- JcM

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Which Sick?

I'd rather get sick doing 100% what I want to do, then get sick ... because i'm not...

- Joey JcM