Friday, May 11, 2012

The War of Love (Words for Guys & Girls) , by JcM

I see a lot of girls going for guys that have a lot of material and goods. I can only hope that the girl is happy....  Naturally, a person wants to be secure in life ofcorse.


I do also see a lot of girls avoiding the ones that their hearts truly beat for. It's especially bad when the person they love's heart beats back for them.
Love can be a scary thing. It can also make you feel like you're helpless to someone, and some people don't like that feeling.
True love though is a blessing that not everyone gets to find.
Just like a roller coaster, although it might be scary, afterwards you had a great time! ... or your sick. LoL
Love can be just like this, but better to have lived then and not be alone, then forever running and being scared.
If you run and are scared, you'll never have anything to show for doing that. Also, no stories to tell to your future.
The people who forever run are scared are the ones that will take their hate on themselves, out on their future.

So for these girls I say, don't deny yourself of the passion of true love. Don't deny yourself the fire in man's eyes that truly loves you (If you love him in return). Even though he might not have the most material and goods in a the world, true love can make a man do the impossible. If you love that man back, you'll have more then any rich man can give you in love and material as well.
And girls.... if you love a guy.... TRY. Sometimes guys are stupid, and don't realize whats in front of them. Sometimes, us guys need alittle flair to go off for us to see and realize. lol. But girls... if you don't atleast try, you're losing in every way possible. 

To guys, I have to say, do your best to try to get the person that you love. That person has the ability to destroy you, but... love is how we burn out childhood skin off. Either way, become a man with her, or become a man and show her what a real man is, and know that she's burning inside. Suffering from her own decisions, but thats not your problem after 5 billion tries... thats her's. Because if your quality enough to respect and love her, and she has a different agenda, don't deny the rest of the world your quality, because the world surely needs as much of that as it can get.

One man of Quality can change the whole world.

- Joey JcM

NOTE: This high point of life cannot be achieved without respect. Do not mistake someone being obsessed with you for love. If respect is not present, the person has a TOTALLY different agenda then love.