Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Language of Art

When creating, it seems like it's the art that says something that you can't explain.

Even though words might be around it, it's the art that sends the TRUE message. - How things move, how things look, the way you do them.

So thats why when somethings written, and you don't really take into account how that actually happens, and your just going through the motions, don't expect your stuff to be around for too long.

People can only want to talk to robots for SO long, before they want to go back to talking to something alive.

- JcM

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eye's Are Open, But Are You TRULY Seeing?

If your able to say that everything around you sucks, I think it's time for you to maybe realize that you've been possible been going down the wrong road blindly.

I think it's time to open your eyes then, and see whats really there.

If your able to do that, then you always have a shot.

- JcM

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Sells

Sex sells quota, but respect has ENDLESS markee value.

- JcM

The Difference Between Disagreeing, and Feeling Like S%^&$

No one should have to change who they are to appease anyone.

If anyone is making you feel that way then get any thought out of your mind that they are a friend. People like that usually only do "friendly" things so they can have you in a position where they can take what they wanna take from you.

If they're "friendly" they can try to hang out with you, and try to take all your friends, so, they're trying to use u for the attention u can provide via all the people u know. That's one example....

Always know, that a disagreement, is different from someone trying to belittle you. Friends desagree. People that aren't your friends make you feel like shyt, or even confused.

- JcM

Coasting is no Life. As Humans, We have SO Much More then That

The writting is the direction. The art is the feeling that drives car to get there.

If there's simply script, its like walking to your destination. Walking can be nice.... But like Christmas time, people wanna FEEL the snow, not just see it.

Art maybe "unliteral", but it makes things worth it.

Art makes your heart.

Art makes you think, art makes you feel.... but GREAT art covers ALL tracks, and makes you NEVER forget.

- JcM

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Power of the Little Things

The beauty is in the little things.

The power of the little things may look harder to cLinch with just using using your eyes. But if you are finding it hard to cLinch, thats when you know your not using your heart enough.

If you harness the power of the little things, thats when you can TRULY obtain big things; without selling your soul.

- JcM