Monday, September 30, 2013

Hidden Inside

When you're more weird then anyone knows, and you're afraid of not being accepted for who you are, you will try to act like everyone else wants you to act.
You will try to make everyone happy because you feel like if you don't, you'll wake up and be yourself, and your deathly afraid of what people will think of that person.

When you're in this position, it's not really that you are even afraid of who you are, you have just been tricked by someone who doesn't want your inner beauty to shine. They've made you think that life is about the opposite of what it really is.

- Joey JcM 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Nasty is An Act of Begging

The reason why people like anything dark, is because feeling pain = feeling alive.

So a perfect life isn't a life without problems, it's a life of being able to survive and live on.

We see it everywhere. People beg to feel some sort of loss or pain. Thats why people do drugs. Thats why there are nasty people in the world. These people want to class with something or someone.  Being nasty is an act of begging. These people want someone to have physical contact with them and knock some sense into them.They want to know what pain is.

Not knowing what pain is makes people very scared. People want to feel pain to know that they can survive. Human being need to FEEL that they can survive.

Because trust me, I've been through a lot of shyt in my life, and i'm happy because of it. I know what pain is, I know what loss is, I know what life is. This is why i'm not out there doing drugs, being an asshole, begging for someone to punch me in the face.

So remember, pain is ok. A perfect world is not a word without problems, it's a world where you can survive the problems, so you can know and feel that you can survive, and to know how far is too far. Because if you don't know pain and just how far is too far, you will live your life scared that you will fall into a trap and weren't smart enough to protect yourself.

Much love,
- Joey JcM

My Mess? NAHH, Too Scared......

Why do some people care so much about other things that go on in the world that do not hurt them or effect them in anyway?

- Only because they don't want to look at the mess of their own lives, and try to keep their attention away from their own selves.
- Hate can be used as a attention aversion drug.

Get wise. Evolve. Advance. 

- Joey JcM