Sunday, October 27, 2013

Want To, But Can't? Self Cock-Blocking

If you keep saying you want to do something, but just can't seem to ever get it done. That means you have too many aggravations in you're life that are taking up all your time. You spend all your time cleaning up shyt. You're cock-blocking yourself by putting things in your life that are only taking from you.

- Joey JcM

Only YOU Are a Constant With Yourself

In the end you learn that it's not about the people seeing you complete your dream, and living by the rules of how they will like you. The people aren't going to always be there, but YOU will always be there with yourself, so make your goals and dreams be about YOU. So then one day you can have kids as a fulfilled person, and not someone that is going to use their children. You're life is your life, and their life is theirs.

- Joey JcM

Seeing the Dream

Don't dream for your dreams to come true, cause thats a dream. Dream to make your dreams come true.

- Joey JcM

Friday, October 18, 2013

Whats Here > Whats Not

Don't not enjoy whats in front of you because you're looking back at things that don't even exist, and prob never did.

- Joey JcM

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Understanding Impossible

Sometimes people get involved with certain people because as human beings, we like to reach for the impossible.

Think of when we see someone who we haven't encountered in a long time. We might say "Who is that person?", or "I knew that person?".

But growing up is realizing what actually IS impossible and none existent so we can then spend time reaching for the things that are actually there, even though they may seem impossible.

- Joey JcM

We Are Useless If We Don't Believe in Something.

Hope gets you through war.

Hope gets you through anything really.

Life is not easy. Neither is war. So thats why it's important to believe in SOMETHING. Whether it's god, The Force, whatever you want to call it.

For if looking up at the stars didn't do anything for us, then where the hell would we be?
I say still in caves.

- Joey JcM

Monday, October 7, 2013

Disgusting! But I like it!

I love that some people disgust me. That means I can actually see straight now.

- Joey JcM