Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Devil's "Fun"

The Devil's "Fun" is something I thought of while eating breakfast this morning.

The Devil's "Fun" means things that you can find fun in, but ultimately, they just add to the hurt pot for the future.

This morning I was thinking of getting rid of some videogames that I really feel just do more bad then good for me. Games that are cool, but in reality i'm not really that in to. I feel like i'm forcing myself to play it to beat it, just so "finishing the game" is a good enough excuse to get rid of it. But I already have a good enough excuse. There's things I like about the game, but ultimately they are things that would be cool to have in other games that i'm a fan of, and care about. Maybe. but certainly not enough to merit keeping it, if its preventing me from doing other things I really want to do. Or making me feel that i'm forced to play it. Absolutely not.

And with this thought, I thought how something like this pertains to drugs. People can claim to have "fun" with drugs, but in reality, what is it doing? It's just blinding you while it does the damage. It's like a Pedophile luring a child in with candy. They're just seeing the candy, but not whats really going down.

I always said this - evil can't do anything to you but trick you. So on drugs, you think you might be "having fun", but thats just the blindfold, they're really hurting you.

So in closing, with those games, I was trying to pretend like the stuff I was enjoying about it was worth keeping it for, but really... for the simple fact that I was questioning the games for a while, shows that they're simply not for me.

Don't do drugs. Fight for your freedom and life.

- JcM

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