Thursday, June 24, 2010

Smiles Through It All

One day they will say "How did he keep a smile through it all".

It's because the people that I believed in, believed in me. As long as you have love on your side, you can conquer anything. All the abuse, all the poundings, all the betrayal.

It's when you don't have anyone to love you, and no power of love, is when things can get dangerous......

And you say "How can you still laugh, even in that situation?". It's because I see the true face of people who try to hurt others. You just view them in their rightful attire - a diaper.

No matter what though, I just enjoy taking a shyt on people who want to hurt kind souls. Do what you want, but just know, that i'll always be out there to counter you.
People fight, people argue, but it's abuse that I do not tolerate. No should anyone.

- Joey JcM

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