Thursday, October 14, 2010

Growing Up Is Not About Hate, It's About Freedom

Growing up allows you to still be a kid. It actually allows you to do whatever you want, freely, and happily, because now you stand for something, and there's no stupidity in the way from stopping you from doing what you love.

Some people think "growing up" is stripping away at your soul, getting rid of the things you love one by one. Think about how stupid it sounds, to get rid of the things that make you most passionate. Yes, one of the trials of growing up entails being able to except loss. But just because you might have to throw something out to make room for new things in your house, doesn't mean you have to COMPLETELY hate your comics, toys, or fake DNA kit (if your a scientist or something). Growing up is when your most vulnerable, and so many things will try to trick you into hating things you don't even know about, which inevitably leads you to be miserable.

I thought being miserable and threatening to "slit your wrists" was a thing that TEENAGE GIRLS DO ANYWAY! >=)

Point is, be what you are, do what you love. Wether it's Science, art, being a doctor. Because one day your going to have a family, and your going to need a FULL HEART to give your wife, and your kids all the love that, not only they need, but the amount of love they deserve ;)

- Joey JcM

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