Thursday, November 4, 2010

People Will Point to Everything and Everyone Else, so Their Truth Isn't Revealed

Anyone who goes around talking about how bad everything, and everyone else is, there mission is simply this:
Let me try to take anyone and everyones attention off me, and try to focus it onto something or someone else. Because the more time they're looking at something else, the less time they're looking at me! And thats good! Because I can't even look at myself, because I know just how shitty and disgusting I am!

And two, in simplest form, misery loves company.

So if you ever see someone ranting negativity, just go the other way. If they don't have anyone listening to them, that means that they have no chance of creating any negativity, which they feed off of, because negativity simply makes yet aNOTHER story they have to tell (or make up) to get the focus off they're disgusting selves.

- Joey JcM

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