Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When Should You Move On?

I think some people are confused with how your "supposed to grow".

Some people are lucky enough to have great surroundings, and a plateau to be themselves on. From there, grow and be happy. No need to "change" yourself just because your age, but def be open minded to build on that person.

Then there's situations where life can destroy you, and your surroundings can not so happy and healthy.When your ground has been destroyed, it's ok to move on to somewhere else where the ground is healthier. From there, you can even go back to the destroyed ground and help fix it if you choose so. But if you are not on a healthy ground, you will have nothing to grow and give.

Sometimes people are told to change when they don't have to. And sometimes people want to stay when they need to move. I just gave you the flashlight to see whats what through the clouds.

- Joey JcM

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