Sunday, June 17, 2012

Burying Truth in Your Mind Leads to....

When you make excuses, you block your mind from fear. Remember, your not supposed to block your mind from fear, your supposed to face it. The more you block your mind from what you fear, and what upsets you, you manifest something that will cover up and hide the truth from your mind deeper and deeper. Eventually, the truth will be harder and harder to find and see in your head.
This is how cowards are formed. The level above coward is evil. - People who no longer are able to see whats right, and completely believe evil is the way, because they can't even see any good in their mind at all, so they eventually cease to believe it exists.
The world is round. People weren't able to see that at first, and whole heatedly believed it was flat, and obviously, they were completely wrong.

Remember, fear can only trick you, so when you make excuses, fear is basically sitting back, relaxing, watching you slap yourself in your own face.

- Joey JcM 

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