Thursday, December 5, 2013

Unhealthy Relationship Example + Living Well

You cannot see somebody and say "I know who or what this person can be" and be in love with them. It's great that you can see what they have to offer inside, but if thats the situation you're in, understand that you can try for them a few times, but after that, get out.

What a person can be is not what they are. You have to judge them on what they are being. Maybe by meeting you they will be inspired to bring who they truly are out of them. But thats an extremely rare case, so do not bank on that.

Everyone has a light inside of them, no matter how little it may be, there is a light, and that light is who they truly are. But until they choose to be that person, the thought of them being that person is just concept art.

Love is a VERY big and intricate thing. Never jump into or just expect it to change. If it's right, god on ya mate! But until it is right, it is not, so never blind yourself. And if you do happen to get blind, learn from it, or else you deserve everything you get.

Holla, much love. Live healthy by living you. Cherish when you're happy, and never ignore an uncomfortable feeling.

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-Joey JcM

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