Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dedicated to Misery

No body is trapped on the darkside. People get a few chances, a few tries only. After that, everything else is a trick.
Some people may have fallen for a trap, but after a few tries, you must declare them willingly staying in the dead end world that they live in. There ARE people out there DEDICATED to misery till death. If you fail to realize this, it could take you're whole life away.
People like this need to be left alone to burn. It sounds harsh, but otherwise YOU will burn, by being tricked by them. They will make you feel bad for them, and target people who are naive enough to fall for their parlor tricks. Making you think that "they need your help.... they need your help" praying on people that desire to feel "Special"..... but meanwhile you just become the underwear they're shitting in.

I've been in the movie business. I understand how intricate smoke and mirrors can be...

- Joey JcM. 

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