Thursday, July 23, 2015

True Love?

If you're someone who denies that true love exists, for the fact that you can deny it is good, cause that should let you know that you haven't discovered it yet, therefore, keep looking.

- Joey JcM

(I've experienced true love recently, it's unlike any other relationship you have had or will have. My situation is unfortunate, but the main point is, don't settle.. It is out there, and if you don't believe it, thats your indicator to keep looking. If you do find you're true love, make sure, no matter who it is, you get anything toxic out of the way, and let it THRIVE. Both parties have to be willing to do this though.... Cause if it is true love, no one or nothing is worth getting in the way. If you question that, just think of your future. You should only have a child if the true love is THRIVING. If not thriving..... you're future could be doomed.)

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