Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Words "Good" and "Evil" Should Be Replaced With...

"Good" vs. "Evil" should be replace with "Healthy" and "Unhealthy".

Those two ladder things are the only really things that matter.. we all want to live a healthy life, other wise we wouldn't be afraid to die.

"Good" and "Evil" should be replaced with "Healthy" and "Unhealthy" because anyone can spin why they are good... anyone can spin why they are "bad". People already know that "evil" means something nobody really wants, so why not make it more clear, and replace it with "unhealthy". No one wants to be unhealthy. People can make excuses though to be "evil" and as to why. But not even self proclaimed "evil" people want to be - unhealthy. Because they want to stick around to be "evil" lol. And of course, "good" is widely know as something most of people want, so why not replace "good" with healthy, so no one can claim they're doing "good" by doing "evil".

Healthy - is being mentally healthy, physically healthy, living in a world where we can go outside and play freely, without having to worry. These are all healthy things that make us happy.

Unhealthy - mental, physical abuse. Terrorists for are killing innocent people. These are all things that make an unhealthy world, where our people would not be able to thrive.

Healthiness is a world where we can breathe, are free to imagine, live and love.
Unhealthy is the opposite...

I just think replacing "good" and "evil" with these other words would make things a lot more clearer for this planet...  ;)

- Joey JcM

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