Friday, April 16, 2010

Being Tricked Can Cause SO Much Damage. Face the Trickster.

Fear can drive you mad.
It could ruin your life for as long as you let it. You could wake up when your 55 even and say "Wow... I don't even know where I am right now"

Why let it ruin your life? When most of the time you just have to face it, and it goes away.
The other percentage of the time, it might just need a little kick in the a$$. Nothing too hard. Very simple

So what are the options? Grow some nuts and face your fear, ooOOooor.... don't take a couple of baby steps, and have your life ruined?

I've seen plenty of people not face their fear, and alls they want to do is destroy the world around them, and some are VERy crafty at doing so. I mean, how could you NOt be disgraced at yourself, if you are not even able to face something as harmless as a bunny.

Yes, fear is just a bunny that is about to do magic tricks. Just knock the wand out of it's hand. thats really all it takes.
Imagine, alittle bunny rabbit is telling a grown man what to do, and bossing them around. How would you feel?Pretty pathetic. Well, thats what fear is, harmless.

Now i'm not saying to NOT be afraid. There are things in your life will make you affraid, no matter what level you are on in your life. But the point is to not run away, and be brave, and fight through the fear.

There are some that will ultimately choose not to though, as these are the people who simply want to watch the world burn.

Face your fear, so you will be able to love your life. Because if you can't love your life, your not going to have a good one. And these are the people that want to destroy the world; hence want to create "problems" in their heads with other people, so that they take their minds off of what kind of cowards they are.

- JcM

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