Saturday, April 10, 2010

Negative Likes to be Around Negative, and Positive Likes to be Around Positive. The Better Prize Will Test Your Worth.

I've prob blogged about something similar before, but in my journeys, I felt the need to send this message again. Perhaps I have formed better words, and have tapped deeper into the subject.

In my experience so far, what does it take to be successful? Well, quite simply, it comes down to the infamous phrase - "If you put yourself around shyt, your life will be shyt" And really, it's one of the most powerful phrases to live by.


Some will even hurt you in ways that you can't see. Simply, if your hurting, it's hurt. Don't let them trick you, and allow you to continue to be their punching bag.

Some people use "nice" as a weapon. Don't fall for it. GUNS COME IN ALL DIFFERENT SHAPES AND SIZES.

There was a time when I had people in my life that were "helping me" but I always felt that I wasn't able to reach my full potential with them. Rise to the next level, and beyond.
I fooled myself into thinking these people were out for my best interests. I didn't want to believe otherwise, because of the pain I was experiencing in my life at the time. But no one deserves hurt!

One day I decided to be a man, and take my life into my own hands. And I did.
I faced many demons within my family and defeated them. There are still more, but I would say the war is now waning, or just about at an end.
I got rid of people who I knew at the first sign of being myself, they would try to defeat me, as they always had.
Some need to be vanquished, and some just need a punishment. Either way, if your being hurt, you fight to get those people out of your life.

Some people though, don't even realizing they're hurting people anymore, because they're so deep into the bullshyt in their head, where they are CONVINCED, and believe they're own lies. These people will deny their wrong doing till the end!

So I ask you, PLEASE don't think you can get through to people who your ... well, not already getting through to. If that is the case, they do not care about you. Plain and simple No one deserves to be treated that way.
Like I said, a true friend will come to you, face the shame of what they did, and apologize. But if they're not facing the shame, the apology is no good.

I'm able to reach potentials now, that I never thought possible, and scary myself alittle too, because there seems to be no end.

Fight for your rights, and your happyness. And by ALL MEANS NESSESARY, get rid of people who are trying very hard to make you out to be something your not. I abused myself like that for too long, now i'm talking from experience, and hope to be an example, that saving yourself is possible.

I look back now and say ... "Wow I cant believe there was a time when people were really trying to ruin my life, and I sit by and actually let that happen. I actually allowed that to go on, even if in the littlest form."

NO ONE is going to tell me that i'm a bad person.

Now, as my usually self, and making the world smile, and REALLY reaching potentials, and new highs with my art that I a VERY excited about. Overall, I am very excited, as a person who fought for their freedom from tyranny should be.

Give your energy to shyt, and shyt will come for you. Give your energy to life, love and happyness, and the light will come to you.

- Joey JcM

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