Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Positive of Pain

People think pain is bad. But don't forget, you cannot have a child without pain.

The message is not to seek pain, but that it is unhealthy to try to completely erase it.

There's pain that we don't need, and then there's pain that comes from a result of growing.
Just like there's stress, and eustress.

To face pain and truth vs. Completely trying to ignore pain, -  is like comparing - Eating food vs. Only eating candy in your diet.

I see too many people trying to take mental drugs. Too many people that are afraid to face the truth, and rather hang around people who are toxic, but provide them that quick fix, mental buzz in attempt to CONSTANTLY keep their mind happy, and away from potential negative facts about ones self.
I mean... whats the different between that and hanging around a criminal drug dealer who has a toxic life style, but provides you pills - drugs in physical form?

Toxicity is not only something you can physically see. Some people hide their toxic world in their mind, just like someone can live a "real" life, then try to live a different life in a video game. People can live a different life in their mind then they do in real life.

Go with you're gut. Don't lie to yourself. If you wind up being wrong, the pain of being wrong will truly let you know if you were. But if you are right, the pain of being right will let you know that you truly were.

- Joey JcM

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