Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If We Knew Who We Were, We Wouldn't Have to Fight

We fight each other because we don't know what we are. We think by spilling someone else's blood it give us a false pretense that we might be ready for something that comes for us one day.. Wether it be disease, or something we don't even know is out there.

People of different religions fight each other, because they want to please the "god" that they really have no idea about. Because they have no idea, thats what creates the fear, and then the blindness that comes shortly after.

Killing is just a super hard hug, when someone is so scared that they hold on too tight.

This is exactly why we have to come together! We must discover what we are, and what is exactly out there!

I think we've waited for god long enough. I think it's time we go out there and find him!

If we find out what is out there, and get some more answers, we can go on with our true purpose in life. To have our hearts beat, and to love.

- Joey JcM

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