Tuesday, August 3, 2010

5+5=20? I DoOOn't THINK SOooo.... Get It Right, and One Life Can Change Many!

It's funny when someone who once told you they loved you, now shuns you and calls you an a$$whole, when the people they hang around are people who are always advertising negative. The ones that CALL people a$$ wholes, are the ones telling ME i'm an a$$whole? HA! Thats just like... I wonder if these people hear themselves.

Never the less, this is not directed twards trashy friends I have lost, this is really directed towards someone I once cared about with my whole life, and the people in their world.

I gave the love, and their friends gave the hate. The HATE wins? Sheesh... I'd hate to be the person that gave up on love, and gave up on their OWN LIVES to follow that! Actually, I really feel bad for the kids that they have later on in life, because they're the ones who are going to have to suffer, for the mother or father who chose to follow people who could care less about them.
Those demands they have created will be passed on to their children.

If your dying inside, prevent this. Clean up your life. Receiving one simple "congratulations" is better then trying to get someones attention in vein your whole life. Trust me, I've had those people in my life at one point. Bad choice. But what counts is that I cleaned up the sludge, got the car out of the mud for the purpose of moving forward and advancing.

Do this for you. Do this for you future, do this for your legacy.

- Joey JcM

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