Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"I'm Not Afraid, to Take a Stand" - Against My Own Generation...

Something i've noticed about my generation.

I always had SO MUCH faith in my generation. I feel that everyone that was born in 1986 was blessed with so much talent, and love to really make it shine. Hell, we grew up with fukking Ninja Turtles and GI Joe? HOW COULD WE NOT!?!!

Somewhere along the line though, people from my generation started to do the COMPLETE opposite of the ability's that they grew up doing. Instead of mastering their crafts, they chose to give up, and follow people who don't want to do anything.

Why is this?
On the way home today, I was thinking about it, and this hit me...

Now, this could be just an epidemic where I live, but here's the deal....
It seems that my generation grew up very abused. Mentally if not psysically. Mostly ALL of my friends parents are divorced, and have dead beat fathers. Not all, but A LOT MORE then you would think. We were lucky enough to grow up in a beautiful, spirited area none the less.
It seems that people of my age where not allowed to do a lot of things though, and were very sheltered. But also with not being allowed to do anything, came the fact that we were babied as well.
The parents of my generation seem to LOVE to force their kids into living the lives THEY never got to live.

The babyboom generation... more like just the BABY generation. They didn't even have to graduate high school to have a decent life, but always complaining. But thats another story. I hate to say it that way though, because the people from the baby boom generation that ARE cool, are AMAZING. But....

What happens when you have a people that are forced to believe they are nothing by BABY boom parents, but are also babied? You have people now, of my age, that WANT to do nothing, but want everything for it. Seems like my generation was rewarded for being a loser. It only makes sense.

It seems like I am a rarity when it comes to actually wanting to become successful. No one takes their talents seriously, and the only sense it makes, is that it comes from parents who FORCED they're children to hate what they're good at.

Me. I told my parents to go FUK themselves. My father was pretty abusive too. Not in a drunk, doesn't know what he's doing type way, but in a jealous tried to stop me from doing everything that made me happy way. Some fukked up in the head shyt, I know.
I mean it's a hard spot. Parents that made their kids feel like they're nothing, so they had the advantage, and control over them all their lives. And when people ALREADY feel alone, how can they find the will to tell their parents to go "f" themselves? It's very terrifying, but I did it.
I did it for the good of my future, and to save myself, and them from their own blindness. Gave them the only hit that can make them open their eyes. Cause when it comes down to it, if you upset, your fukking upset. There's no if, and, or BUTs about it!!

I always felt like I could do more in my growing up years. I was always so tired and out of it... I always felt like shyt.
Fast forward alittle bit to losing to love of my life because of how depressed I was... FINALLY broke me. After that, thats when I realized, it's all or nothing. She was everything to me at the time, but after she disappeared on me, I was absolutely DESTROYED. DESTROYED!! It was then that I realized, I don't care who wants to do what to me, it's time to unleash.

Fast forward alittle more, now I'm in the Screen Actors Guild. I had to work terrible jobs that had you working from 6am to almost 24 hours. But I saved the money, got screwed over a lot, and then I finally made it, in a matter of 3 years. You'd be surprised how far you can get with some class, heart and spirit, in such a short amount of time.

Not only did I have to deal with my stepfather ruining my home, and what it stould for, I had to deal with my father trying to destroy everything that I myself stould for: Smiles, laughs, fun, life, accomplishment. It's hard to get what you need done in a situation like that, the hate can easily blind you. But whet kept me alive was that I said "He's the one thats going to die alone". You might say thats horrible, but it was justice at the time. Extreme times call for extreme measures. Except it.
I went through hell... literally. It was bad, but now i'm officially on the rise to the top. WHY? Because I REFUSE to let depression in general plague me, or my family, and the ones I care about. It is out American right to follow our pursuit of happyness! So I chose to fight against whatever was holding me and my family down. As all great people have done in the past that have changed the game.

Don't let anyone depress you to the point where you just give up, marry someone you hate, and have a terrible job that has you just waiting for your retirement.
Like I said, this might just be at large where I grew up, but if you are out there, and are affected by this too, just know, do not let ANYONE... I don't care if it's friends, family, your parents, depress you.
If you had demons passed on to you, you must end the cycle. Put it to rest. WHY? Because your going to let someone hold you down, JUST because THEY'RE afraid to take a step, so you have to be afraid too? So THEY can continue to be a pussy all their life? Because they prob KNOW, if YOU STAND UP, they're going to have to eventually too.... WELL TOO FUKKING BAD!

Realize, that you have the power to be the one that your grandchildren tell legends about. Just like I tell about my grandfather.

- Joey JcM

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