Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making a "Deal With The Devil"? Nah... Tell "Him" to go F$@& HIMSELF!

Some people might tell you "Once you go down the dark path, forever it will consume you" or "Once you make the deal with the devil, there's no coming back".

Some people though, do not know what this means. They ignore this advice because they think that they won't get sucked into anything, because they're too smart. It doesn't matter how much you think you have, because THIS is how it goes, THIS is what it's about:

When you make a deal with the devil, the first deal is to get you into a position where your giving, and are promised more back.

After the first deal, you spend all your time trying to get back what was stolen from you, but each deal MORe gets stolen from you. So there you go, one your blinded with anger, and want your "shyt" back. Wether it's a possession, or a piece of your soul.

Soon, your chasing after almost everything that you had, or were. It will forever consume you because it takes everything you had from you: People, your cherishables. It takes everything that made you YOU. then one day you wake up, and you have nothing but the devil. One day you see that you can't survive without him, because "he's" all you got.

And most people at that point don't have the will to take the LOooong road back to recovery....

So realize, that "going down the dark path", or "making a deal with the devil" this is you getting involved with someone who is just a SMART miserable person, who knows HOW to make you it's company (misery loves company). Rather then someone who is just out loud about causing misery.

So before you "make a deal with the devil" ask your self: "Am I that much of a pussy, to have someone be wiping me in the a$$ the rest of my life?"

Tell the "devil" to go FUK itself, and tell him YOUR in control bytch!

- Joey JcM

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