Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't Blind Yourself to the Point Where You Think Masks are Real/Negativity Try's to Start a Fire of Negativty. Don't Give It Oxygen.

Some people only know how to make a big deal of what they see with their eyes.

Too many people who only use there eyes, usually can't see the truth. Too many people make a big deal out of what they see with there eyes, but if your not using your heart, your eyes will have you believing masks that people wear. You see people following masks all over the place. When your a teenager, and on the road to discovering who you are, and what your made of, you might be effected by this. You can only though, that someone chooses in the end, to not be afraid to look at ugliness in the face. Because usually, ugliness comes from depriving yourself of love, and respect for yourself.

Too many people wonder why they don't feel right around certain people. They constantly try to prove themselves to people who don't care about them, because in their head somewhere, they're telling theirself that they're on the same level as some people. YOU are not an asswhole, so if you feel unwelcome, don't disrespect yourself by doing things things that will hurt yourself. Don't you realize if your doing that, your around misery? And obviously, misery wants you to be on the same level.

If your trying to make someone out to be a bad person, your usually the bad person, because advertising hate usually means your trying to create more of it. If you TRULY feel that someone is bad, just get away from them, or take the proper precautions to get them out of your life. You wouldn't keep trash, cause it could make you sick.

And if you adopt these people that try, in anyway, to make you out to be something your not, it's time to evaluate your life, and fix it. If you can realize your disposition, and fix it, you'll wake up one day and discover things about yourself you never knew. And it will be beautiful, why, because it's you.

- Joey JcM

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