Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The More Fears, the Less Knowledge

When you have lingering fears, your limiting your knowledge. Unresolved fears can hold you back from a great many things, therefore limiting your knowledge, and experience.

Bad guys try to take over the world because they're afraid of the world, and don't know how to live in it, so they want to control it. Instead of going out there and learning, they want to force everyone to conform to their limited knowledge.

Bad guys will try to PUSH their beliefs on you. Instead of sharing their stories, they'll just force you to repeat what they say.
There's all different ways they go about it. Some might just keep saying the same thing a different way, until you say "OK FINE! I agree with you!". And if you don't agree, and get mad, thats EXACTLY what they're looking for.
Bad guys mostly don't even know what is coming out of their mouth. They just know they by saying this, it will get THAT reaction. They usually look for you to get ticked off, so they can say "SEE YOUR THE BAD GUYYY! YOU YELLED!"
Thats why, you simply don't deal with soul suckers, you just walk away. The worst pain you can give them, because they have no energy to suck from you.

Don't be a fool to a "pusher". Let them try to go bring down someone else's mood. Your better then that. If they don't wanna fface their fears or grow up, then just walk away, because all's your doing otherwise is just getting your energy sucked.

- Joey JcM

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