Friday, May 21, 2010

Why You Are Important, and The People Who Will Try to Make You Think Otherwise

When you have an unique idea or talent, don't think of yourself as alone. Instead, realize this is a gift, or an offering, something only YOU can give, to the people you love. Something unique you can bring to the celebration.

If you don't have people to love, or love you, this is prob your scenario:
You prob feel like you have something more inside, a feeling that your not moving to your full potential. Something is just off or not right. In this case, the people around you, are prob people who want to exploit you for being yourself. NO ONE deserves to be in a such a disgusting scenario.

There was a time in my life when I was being abused, and things really went to hell for me. (plus, add on following your dream, alone, with practically no reason for the heart to beat in site on top of it... it was just a bad scenario). I might have made some mistakes with people, Don't really remember what I might have said, (stupid ish doesn't register) but what I do know, is that I was hanging with people who were giving a certain kind of affection, only for the purpose to mask the fact that they wanted my soul, because of who i was, and what I should for. I was week to this because of how badly hurt I was at the time, from the family abuse, to the hate I was surrounded in with the people I had gotten invovled with.And if I wasn't hating something or someone, I knew I would be attacked by these so called "friends" who were" goOOOood peoplllle". And I'm totally not about hate, i'm much better and smarter then that. So I always knew, a time was going to come when I had to get out of there, but I knew first, I had to fix my family life.
And sooner or later, when I started standing up for what I believed in, started to fix my life, what happens? Those so called "friends" IMMEDIATELY started to attack me, from all angles. My happyness was an enemy to them, because my weakness made me a pawn, but no more.
So when things came to a boiling point, I got rid of them. Said my peace, told them the things they were doing wasn't right, and went on my way.
People like that will try to pretend they live in a fantasy world, where the good people are evil, because the day they step out of the fantasy world, they will have to face their own pain, and they don't have the soul or the heart to do that. So everyday they wake up and say "How can I hate today?" or "What problem can I cause to take the attention away from the problems I cause, and try to convince people that i'm a good guy in the process, because they're not seeing the evil i'm creating over here, because I caused a fony problem over there". Everyday people like this have to make a new problem. It's like a drug. People that don't want to face their pain, and fix their life, constantly have to take drugs to get their mind off of what they are afraid of.

If this is the case, do some soul searching, get rid of those people, and get them out of your way, and life. They will ALWAYS try to pin you as a bad person, but just ultimately realize, that them doing that, is the biggest favor they can give you, because they're giving you reason to get them out of your life, which they don't deserve to be in in the first place.
Find and stick with people who will not judge you for who you are. Because what you have to offer is beautiful. Avoid people who will "be your friend", but require you to give up your soul. In other words, thats simply a person trying to scam you, so they can bring you down to their misery level.

Try to get close to you, only to find out how to destroy you.No more, and no less.

I don't usually like writing long blogs, but I feel there is a lot of GOOD people out there who get into these messes, because of the pain they're facing in their life, but might feel that they don't know how to get out of it. Well, i'm telling you, get rid of those people that hurt your way of life (the garbage) and pursue the things that bring you life.
I've never been happier, and more at peace in my life. No reason to hate anymore, thank god, and I couldn't ask for more because that is not my nature in the slightest.

I'm not a "hippy", I'm just too smart to not be able to fix my own problems, and have to blame them on someone else.

Certain family members even tried to make me believe I couldn't fix my own problems. Which is what lead me to not solve my problems, which created a lot of messes in my life. That might have worked when I was little, but not anymore.

Becoming a man is not about throwing away your childhood, but simply finally choosing what you stand for.

Who knows what family members were going through to even to do this to me, but now that I've stood up for what I believe in, and there is even peace with them.... when I have to deal with them, lol! Whatever may have happened, simply standing up for what I believed in brought me new life. The road might have been hell, but scenarios like that, only allow you to appreciate heaven even alittle more. I had Torn the sith skin off of me, and it has enabled me to become who I truly am, so I wouldn't change anything for how I feel right now.

Some may even be reading this write now, and calling me "phony". But there is nothing but positivity in this blog. Simply and a message to get harmful people out of your life, that don't deserve to be in it. There is no directions to attack anyone here.

The people that are calling me "phony" for writing this, are the people who i'm talking about in this blog. Trying to say something else is the problem, because they know that they might qualify for one of these "users". They know they're starting the fight, and don't want to be blamed for it. Bottum line, is there shouldn't be a fight, but thats not the goal of a user. Users, like I said, simply always need negativity happening, so they can talk about the problem they created, to serve as a detraction from what the person is actually causing.

If a person is talking about hate, drama, and problems all the time, I would say pretty much the bottom line is, they're the person that starts it, but will always blame it on another source. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CREATUES! AND JUST LET THEM BURN! The hardshest punishment you can give them - Not joining their fight, and adding to the misery. Misery is oxygen to them! SUFFICATE THE BYTCHEs! Hehe

There is always a way people, even in the darkest hour. It might require pain, but there is always a way.

If I see the people that caused me that pain, I just do my thing, because I'm truly at peace now, and I can. If anything I say "How ya doin", and continue doing my thing. I KNOw how miserable hating can make you feel, and I'm TELLing you, you don't wanna be in that position. Even though they still prob celebrate any failures I might have, alls I see is people dancing IN a fire, and not around it, and thats their loss, because I don't want my skin to look like Freddy Crugger.

- Joey JcM

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