Friday, May 28, 2010

They Will Try to Take the Thing the Thrives Every Man

A Man has to have someone, or something to stand for.
Even if it's one person even, in the darkest times, even if you have that one person, you can still find home, which will keep you knowing who you are.

But when you have no one, be aware of the people who can sense that, and will try to play the role of someone worthy of being your heart. When desperate you are, these people might be able to slip in easily, only to turn heal when least expected, and then you will feel like you are left with nothing. Nothing to defend... nothing to be a man for.

It is in this time, when all else might fail, that you must remember the one person that will never leave your side.... you. Think of you, and everything that made you you. The only time when you don't have yourself, is when you hurt your body. ABUSE is a better word. (And that can consist of hanging around people that hurt your world, or abusing yourself with harmful substances. Abuse being something you use as an answer to your pain. Drugs only bury the pain deeper, you eventually will have to face it. The sooner the better. This all most of the time comes from being around destructive people.)

If you have heart, and get involved with people who have none, maybe in a vulnerable hour, they will try to destroy you in anyway they can. Vicious. Heartless. And souless. People that no matter WHAT you've been through, can act like they never knew you. A TRAIT OF SOMEONE WHO's INTENTIONs WERE NEVER TO BE YOUR FRIEND, BUT AN ALTERNATIVE MOTIVE TO "getting to know you". TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU KNOW, TO USE IT FOR THEIR SELFISH GAIN, ETC. It's some sight if you encounter these zombies.

But hey... no big deal...

... just realize, that these people really aren't "the way it is". There is no way your "hopeless" if you find yourself in this position. If your smart enough to identify the pain, then you already prob have other people in your life, who you may have been ignoring, who already TRULY care about you.
Alls you have to is get up out of the cesspool, and take a shower. And what normal person would want to keep themselves in a cesspool. It causes disease, which could kill you. So if you believe when these zombies tell you the cesspool is good for you, you have no one to blame but yourself.

I realized it. I felt the pain. And it burned... and it burned whatever crust I had over my eyes, so then I could see clearly. It's like child birth. All that pain, but to get to someone so beautiful, the pain will then be recognized as a minimal cost.

- Joey JcM

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