Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a Person You Love REALLY Looks Like. How Can You Tell?

The world might see the person that you love with their eyes. When you love someone though, it's your heart that see's what the person really looks like, and it's your HEART that says "Hey, check her out!"

They say "Love is blind". I say, when you love someone you see them for what they REALLY look like, and thats something you can't see with your eyes.

But keep a look out though, you should be able to see everyone for what they truly look like. Your senses give you an idea, but your heart tell you the truth.
... and people CAN turn to the Darkside.

Always remember - ONLY A SITH DEALS IN ABSOLUTES. A person you love can be consumed by the darkside, and cease to be the person that they once were.

- Joey JcM

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