Monday, September 27, 2010

Incorruptible, and Why

A generation of a large amount of parents who did not pay attention to their kids, plus having the internet rising along side with them, makes for a very lonely, detached, unsociable group of people, who can't handle very much. This is the reason why we say "Things meant so much more in the past, via 80's 90's" It's not just because we were kids. But I believe in my generation, and the potential I saw in people growing up. Thats why I don't wein in my jollyness. I will not let those types of parents try to control me. Along side of the tragedy, we were also blessed with many things in those two decades. Why am I going to pretend like I don't remember them. I'm gunna use that greatness, and give it back to the world 10x! Thats simply why, I do what I do.

- JcM

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