Monday, September 20, 2010

The Battle Continues

I feel like a victory has been won.

I have stould up to certain things within the last year, and i'm seeing a lot of smiles, and thats what I have fought for. I'm seeing a lot of people and different groups coming together. Thats what I have fought for.

Thats what I stand for. That was not just my old life, but by now i've realized that life that I was meant to make. Until so many, and possibly my own mistakes had destroyed a lot of that togetherness and happyness. Even my own family members attempting to take my freedom to be happy away. You wanna bring the fight to my door step, your going to get one.

A lot of great things are happening. But things are STILL not perfect, and it is still a scary time for me. My life can change with one phone call. But I must keep believing as I always have had, and continue to do what, I guess god? is telling me to do. I like to say "The Force" hehe. But whatever it is inside of me.

Once I started standing up to the tereny, since then, I have been a lead role in a independant film. I have now made it into the screen actors guild. I have brought a bunch of my friends together, and have defeated anyone who tried to take the smiles away. Anyone who was trying to invertedy, or inadvertently tried to tell people how to live their lives. This is the life of me. I will continue to create freedom and love, and memories. It's what I love to do, but most of all, I just simply love to see people together, smiling.

For a while, my enemies probably thought they had won. I was infact defeated for while, as I was being hit from all angles, even parentals. But my momentum is fueled with love and laughter, and you cannot stop someone who is loyal to that. You might be able to surpress them for a while, but if you stand for trying to destroy happyness, you can only last so long. Freedom and happyness will always outlast, and always prevail. Because freedom and happyness are something worth living for, misery is phony, false, shrude, and cold, and eventually just crushes under it's own weight. Love is warm, and it brings life. Even misery has to agree, because without love, there would be no life, and misery would not have any company.

Never stop believing, and never forget the power you have received from the people who have cherished you all your life. If you can say that you not have had this, maybe think of saying hello, or giving someone a hug. Then you will be on your first step to being something WORTH cherishing.
Hopefully you are lucky enough to have that love around. In some instances I am lucky, and in some, I sure am not. But the best way you can show that person who loved you the great gift they have given you, give them the gift back by expressing how you feel from what they have given you, by knowing that the thing that they have given you is something you couldn't see, but was SO SO real....

The fight is not over, but it's DEF one worth fighting.

Fuk yea Bytches
- Joey JcM

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