Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fear Can Even Make Loved Ones Enemies

Some people when they have problems in their life, they choose to ignore them. Mostly it is because of fear, and the result of this can cause someone to start to believe the thing they are afraid of. The fear can have you living for either the person, that you hate, or thing.

Dig deep, because the bottom line is, there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HAPPYNESS! ANYTHING that is taking away your freedom to smile HAS to be faced. stood up to. Taken care of, IMMEDIATELY. So really ask yourself, what stops you from being happy. And face that asap. If you had a buisness, would you take your trucks not aloud to bring your product in lightly?

All the answers will be A LOT clearer once your free to live. Free to celebrate. Free to love.

When it comes to facing your fears, a lot of things can get misinterpreted. If you try to help someone face their fears, YOU can easily be turned into a bad guy. When people are THAT scared, they will go to ANY measures to prevent themselves from facing the fear. Even making someone they care about an enemy. - Thats why girls shyt on guys that care about them so much.

Fighting for your life allows you to be alive. Doing the opposite disconnects you from life, and you'll never know who you are, or have the life you want. Your going to let someone take your WHOLE life away. I DON'T THINK SOoooooooooooooo! HA, why would you let someone ruin your life? LIFE IS THE GREATEST THING WE WILL EVER KNOW (for now, lol), so YOU DEFEND YOURS!

- Joey JcM

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