Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Potential of Imagination

Our imaginations help us to understand what we don't know. Even though we don't know something, we always have something innate within us, ad our imaginations give you a little preview of what might be, and to help the time go by more easier for what we don't know or understand yet.

But the imagination is the gateway to SOooo many things. New descoveries, which can help us heal, live better. A scientist brain, if granted the right to imagine, can help create a car, that if in a potential accident, might have technology from the driver getting killed. Something like that can help save someone you love.
An artist's mind, if granted the right to imagine, can help give us art that inspires us. Art to give us a wonderful and memorable experience with a loved one.

Selfishness/being a cry baby are detrimental to our imaginations. If your selfish, it is going to keep you away from what you fear, and what you fear, might turn out to be nothing. So a selfish person will try to take away someones freedoms, and imagination, because as I stated before, imagination can help us understand and give us a preview to the answers that we not might know yet, and make the time while we wait to find the answer more pleasant.

I live with someone who makes me feel like I can't let my imagination be free. The very thing that has made me successful, and gotten me to where I am. I am doing everything I can to win this battle, as it has prevented me from giving those wonderful experiences that can come from imagination, to my loved ones.

You must fight for freedom to live and love, because everyones deserves that right as a living human being. Love is what made you, love is what will keep us going.

- Joey JcM experience

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